Strategic Plan

Draft Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Over the past 12 months the ABA Board and the Strategy subcommittee in particular have been reviewing the strategic direction of the Association. This review has involved volunteers in key roles such as branch presidents as well as senior management. Out of this process a new strategic plan for 2020–2022 has been drafted.

The purpose of this plan is to guide the work of the Association to achieve our mission and vision. The plan provides focus on key priority areas that will help move the Association to realising these goals.

Consultation with our stakeholders is an important step in ensuring the plan is taking us in the direction expected by all stakeholders involved with ABA. Therefore, we are calling for feedback on the draft plan.

Please read the draft strategic plan 2020–2022 below and provide your feedback via Survey Monkey. The survey is open until 18 May 2020.

Strategic Plan 2013-2019

The 2013–2019 Strategic Plan will guide the work of the Association, ensuring we remain focussed on our mission so that breastfeeding is recognised by all Australians as important and culturally normal.

As the Australian Breastfeeding Association approaches the next 50 years, the key strategies of this plan will enable the organisation to remain relevant to the mothers who need information, help and support as they breastfeed their babies.