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Breastfeeding basics video

The 'Breastfeeding basics' video has been created to educate families about the early days and weeks of breastfeeding.  Details of each chapter are provided below in case you wish to view a particular topic.  To access the video, please click here.

If you would like to access the video in Arabic, please click here. To access the video in Chinese (Simplified), please click here.

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Breastfeeding: Getting started (0:06)

Chapter 1: Starting out (0:32)

Chapter 2: Getting closer (1:55)

Chapter 3: What to expect (3:55)

Chapter 4: Feeding cues (5:04)

Chapter 5: Making feeding comfortable for you and baby (6:03)

Baby-led attachment (6:52)

Mother-led attachment (7:39)

Chapter 6: How do I know if baby is getting enough? (10:58)

Hand expressing (12:02)

Reverse pressure softening (12:13)

Chapter 7: Help and encouragement (12:30)

Last reviewed: 
May 2020