It can be a daunting prospect for mums if they wish to continue breastfeeding and return to work. You may be wondering if it is even possible. And it is! It takes planning and preparation and, most importantly, it requires discussion with your workplace to ensure you are comfortable with where you can express or feed your baby should someone be bringing them in to you for feeds.

Tandem feeding: A first-hand experience


If you are still breastfeeding your baby or toddler and have another one on the way, you may be wondering if you need to wean the older child to make way for the newborn. In actual fact, should you choose to, you can continue to feed both! There are still so many benefits of breastfeeding for your growing child and of course for the new baby that there is no reason to stop.

The following is the experience of the beautiful Jo, who continues to feed her 2.5-year-old Abel and her 6-month-old Koa.

Stressed to the max

There’s no denying that perhaps moving house was not the ideal thing for us to be doing right now. In the midst of starting a new job, a winter of illnesses and a couple of delightful (but routine-smashing) trips away, it’s certainly been hectic in our house over the last 4 months. And gosh, nobody seems to feel it like the toddler feels it. For her it’s meant a total upheaval in her regular activities, health and sense of place. Most of her stuff is packed away ready to be moved, or already has been moved.

Morning Sickness (…. or all day sickness for some!)

 Morning sickness and fatigue were unpleasant and annoying during my first pregnancy. I was over it the moment it began, but looking back on it now I realise how easy I had it! I could lay down when I needed to (when not working), could hang my head in a bucket without disruption and could go to bed when I wanted. In short, I could take my time to get through the months of nausea.


Where is my village?

New mothers can often feel so isolated with their baby they may as well be in outer space. Exhausted, confused, constantly questioning what they are doing and why, it’s no surprise that many mummas feel completely overwhelmed. Many mums haven’t really held a baby, particularly a crying baby, or seen one breastfeed.