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Breastfeeding and Google Glass application trial

Breastfeeding and Google Glass trialTo help celebrate our golden jubilee, the Australian Breastfeeding Association teamed up with Melbourne technology company Small World to trial a breastfeeding support tool for new mothers. The tool uses the latest wearable technology from Google, Google Glass, to create an online portal that is voice activated and hands-free; perfect for breastfeeding a baby!

The trial allowed mothers to see visual step-by-step instructions as they began learning to breastfeed. Mothers could also securely video call an ABA volunteer counsellor who could view the mother's issue through Glass's camera (whether it be latching on, mastitis etc) and give the mother immediate suggestions.

In January, ABA and Small World launched a call out for trial participants and received nationwide attention for pioneering technology to assist breastfeeding. The Breastfeeding with Google Glass trial ran in Melbourne for six weeks until 13 April 2014.

Breastfeeding and Google Glass trialThe trial had 5 mothers and 15 breastfeeding counsellors participating.
The benefit of Google Glass is its hands-free capabilities, so mums can focus on holding their baby.

You can visit the project page to learn more about the trial.

Visit the Small World Social website.