The Breastfeeding Helpline is now Relay Service Ready

During National Hearing Awareness Week, the Australian Breastfeeding Association is proud to announce that the Breastfeeding Helpline (1800 686 268) is now Relay Service ready.  ABA has taken an extra step to ensure that all mothers have access to the Breastfeeding Helpline.  With one in six Australians affected by hearing loss, this is an important step to support accessibility.  

The NRS is an initiative of the Australian Government that provides phone solutions to enable people with hearing or speech impairments to stay connected with businesses, government departments, organisations or family and friends.

People who use the NRS are making phone contact using a range of different technologies. They may be speaking, typing or signing in Auslan (Australian sign language). At the centre of the call is a relay officer who acts as a link between service and the caller.   

For a mother seeking breastfeeding support and information from the Breastfeeding Helpline, the relay officer will act as a link between the mother and the volunteer breastfeeding counsellor. 

The Managers and State/Territory Co-ordinators have completed training with the Relay Service Friendly program run by the National Relay Service (NRS).  

The information gained from the training has been shared across the Association, so staff and volunteers are aware and can support accessibility to ABA services.  ABA has also updated the contact details on the ABA website and will begin to include information on how to contact ABA via the NRS in future publications. 

You can learn more about the National Relay Service at