Event date: 
Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - 10:00 to 12:00
Event Location: 
Online Zoom meeting - contact us for details

Zoom is an online video and voice platform allowing multiple users to hear and see each other.
You do not have to use video if you don’t want to or your device does not have enough capacity. You can still be heard.
Zoom can be used on a computer, tablet or phone so long as it has a camera and microphone. All you need to do is download the zoom app onto your device and then press the link to the meeting and you will join automatically.
Please mute yourself if you’re not speaking to allow others to hear over the background noise. But please don’t apologise for children in the background or crying children as we are ABA and we understand.
If you have a question or want to say something the best way is raise your hand or type your question/message in the chat area. Everyone will see your question and the facilitator will answer it.
And if you feel you don’t understand what is going on, chances are neither do we as we are still learning too.

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