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BLISS - Breastfeeding Laughter Information Support Socialising

Event date: 
Monday, February 4, 2019 - 18:30 to 20:30

* A chance to catch up at the end of a busy day

* You are able to purchase coffee, cake or treat yourself to a meal out in a relaxed environment

* Great for pregnant families to come along and ask any questions and meet local breastfeeding supporters. We often have Dads, Sisters, Granddads, Grandmas, Aunties and Friends attend our evening meetings.

* Previous members, supporters and those who are interested in volunteering are welcome to drop in too

* If you just want to pop in for a chat - that's okay too

* Feel free to come and go at any time that suits you. 

* Breastfeeding and child friendly venue. We have reserved a table close to the kids corner.

* Qualified breastfeeding counsellors available for one-on-one support if needed

* All raffle tickets sold or unsold need to be returned by tonight at the absolute latest

You can check out the menu here

Contact person: 
0417 259 872 or or