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Breast refusal and breastfeeding aversion

Event date: 
Thursday, August 5, 2021 - 10:00 to 12:00
Event Location: 
Upper Coomera Community Centre, 90 Reserve Rd, Upper Coomera

A baby's refusal to suck at the breast is a most distressing problem to a breastfeeding mother. She cannot help feeling upset when her baby screams and turns away from her breast. She may feel that her baby is rejecting her as a mother and doesn't want her, need her, or even like her very much. Join us to learn from the experience of other mothers and how they got through it.

Anyone is welcome to attend our catch ups. You do not have to be breastfeeding to attend. A qualified Breastfeeding Counsellor will be present to discuss any concerns you have.

ABA has a Covid Safety Plan. To allow us to comply with COVID recommendations please bring your own food, drinks and toys and stay home and get better if you or your children are unwell.
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