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Breastfeeding as baby gets older

Event date: 
Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - 10:00 to 12:00
Event Location: 
352 Pennant Hills Road - Opposite Pennant Hills Train Station

Playarea is now open from 10am - join me for a chat & to let the kids play before we start our discussion around 10:30am.

Come along and join other mums for a catch up and chat ... and your first coffee is on us Smile 

Your other little ones are welcome to join in and play (subject to the COVID Safe restrictions that apply at this venue: max 10 children in play area and everyone must be seated when not in the playground).

Let's talk about breastfeeding older babies and children which comes with different challenges than the early weeks and months. We'll also talk about coping with criticism and pressure to wean. What are the advantages of continued breastfeeding as your child grows?

We welcome everyone to come along regardless of the stage you and your baby are at now and whatever your choices are about how long to breastfeed. Your questions and contributions are welcome and help to reflect the range of parenting experiences. But please be respectful and thoughtful of the choices and situations of others as this can be a sensitive and sometimes challenging topic.


Even if you have now weaned, or your baby is still young, feel free to come along to ask any questions about breastfeeding - we'll be happy to answer questions and guide you through any challenges.

Want to talk about a different topic? Come along regardless - we tailor the conversation around those who attend.

A trained breastfeeding counsellor will lead a discussion but your questions and experiences will guide the discussion.

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