Getting the most out of YOUR group: planning the next 6 months

Event date: 
Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 10:30 to 12:30
Event Location: 


What do you love about your local group? What do you wish we did different?

Got a topic you want covered? Really wish we met on a different day?

Join us and get involved in planning how YOUR group can meet YOUR needs - this really is about YOU! Whether you're a mum we see every month, one of our silent supporters, or a mum who falls somewhere in between, we'd love your input.

There will be tea, coffee and hot chocolate available and if you feel like bringing a morning tea contribution then go for it!

Everyone is welcome, attendance is free and a breastfeeding counsellor will be present.

Contact Felicity for more details and the address - hope to see you there! (If you are unable to make it, please feel free to drop us an email with your feedback/ideas/general thoughts to help shape your local group)

Contact person: 
0406 509 620