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ABA N.E.S: Breastfeeding - Expectation vs Reality

Event date: 
Friday, July 5, 2019 - 10:00 to 12:00
Event Location: 
2 Famechon Crescent, Modbury

DISCUSSION TOPIC - Breastfeeding: How expectation & reality can differ

Come along for a casual catch-up and join in on our discussion around Breastfeeding and challenges we may encounter. Hear from mums who’ve encountered the ups and downs and learn what is “normal”. 
Frequency of feeds, sleep patterns, introducing solids….whatever your concern/queries are, you are welcome to ask!

Enjoy a coffee and a chat with other local mums, as well as your local group volunteers. Ask questions, discuss ideas and share the adventures of parenthood.

This meeting is open to ALL, being held in a private space across the hall from Quench Café ("The Hub" – look out for the ABA signs).

Ample parking and room for prams, baby change facilities, indoor playground for older children for after the meet, and a café with a great variety of healthy snacks/lunch items as well as treats and COFFEE!! 
Complimentary Tea and Coffee is provided by the group also.

Our Group Library will be available – with great titles around Wonder Weeks, introducing Solids, tandem feeding, popular Pinky McKay titles and wonderful children’s books explaining breastfeeding and new babies. Borrowing is available to financial ABA members.

Partners, parents, support people and older children welcome! Come for half hour or the full catch-up – we know babies don’t watch the clock!

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