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Breastfeeding an older baby/toddler

Event date: 
Thursday, May 20, 2021 - 09:15 to 11:30
Event Location: 
152 Belmont Road Tingalpa

On the first and third Thursdays of the month we meet at the Good Shepherd Lutheran hall, 152 Belmont Road Tingalpa.

Parking is available both at the front and rear of the building. The entrance to the hall is at the rear of the building.

We start at 9:15am for a 9.30am start with an educational group discussion about breastfeeding and/or general parenting and 
then we break for morning tea.

Qualified breastfeeding counsellors are available to answer any questions and provide mother-to-mother support.

Topic:    Breastfeeding an older baby/toddler

How to get past the constant comments of ‘when will you stop breastfeeding?’, ‘there’s no benefit for the baby past such and such an age’ etc. We will cover the benefits of breastfeeding an older baby, as well as how to manage things like the distracted baby who no longer feeds well.


***COVID-19 UPDATE: A few things to please remember for face to face group meetups during COVID-19.

* Please thoroughly wash or sanitise hands (both little people and big) before entering.

* Social distancing guidelines are to be followed (e.g. no hugging, keeping 1.5-2m away from each other where possible)

* Do NOT come to a group meetup if unwell.

* Mums bringing food and drink along, please avoid sharing.

* Records of attendance will be kept (per our usual procedures) to ensure if anyone does test positive to COVID-19 after the meeting that others in attendance can be notified easily.

* If a mother or her child appears sick on arrival at a group meeting, then the group leader has the right to turn them away.

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