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Guidelines on immunisation for ABA staff and volunteers


This guideline provides information for ABA volunteers, staff and members on immunisation and how the Asssociation responds to minimising risk of spread of infectious disease. 

Guidelines:  Immunisation and ABA Staff and Volunteers

The World Health Organization (WHO) and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recommend vaccination as an effective preventative health measure for children and adults.

Immunisation is a medical issue and ABA volunteers will refer immunisation questions to health professionals.

ABA group meetings and events are open to members of the public to attend as visitors. It is expected that the percentage of immunised/non-immunised people in attendance at ABA events are likely to reflect that of the general community. 

Mothers seek face to face support at ABA meetings and events during pregnancy or with babies and children whose immune systems are compromised or under-developed and are therefore especially vulnerable to the spread of disease.  

ABA acknowledges the need to take precautions to minimise the risk of spreading infectious disease to these mothers and children.


  • strongly encourages all its staff and volunteers to vaccinate themselves and their children (in accordance with medical advice).
  • requests that members, staff and volunteers do not attend ABA meetings or events if they (or any accompanying children) are sick or infectious. 

ABA staff and volunteers (and any accompanying children or family members) who visit premises controlled by another person or organisation, in their capacity as representatives of ABA, must abide by that person or organisations policies (including any requirements with respect to vaccination status of visitors).

Regular information/notifications will be provided to ABA members reminding them that if they or their children may be sick or infectious then to please refrain from attendance at ABA face to face meetings until they are well again (see link below).  

ABA recognises that there are individuals who cannot be vaccinated either partially or fully (on medical advice) and that there are individuals who choose not to vaccinate themselves or their children. ABA members or their accompanying children who are not fully vaccinated are requested to stay away from ABA meetings and events during periods of outbreaks for the protection of themselves and others.


These precautions may mean that ABA meetings or events have to be cancelled at short notice.  ABA considers that is a preferable option over possible exposure to illness or disease for other ABA members or visitors.

Approved by: 
ABA Board
Date approved: 
Mar 2014
Review by date: 
Mar 2015