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Research at your fingertips

We offer you an extensive collection of academic resources:

  • more than 27,000 articles
  • books
  • DVDs
  • case histories.

How to access

You can search our resources in two ways:

  1. Request a Catalogue Search
  2. Search the online research catalogue (Professional Members only)

What is a catalogue search?

Our Scientific Information Officers can help you find the research you need by searching our extensive library database.

  • Normal search:
    A normal search lists up to 50 catalogue entries.
    This includes (author, title, journal/source, volume, number, year, pages, keywords, and for some entries an abstract)

  • Extended search:
    An extended search costs an additional
    $A11.00 (incl GST)/A$10.00.


  • Professional members: Free
  • Non members: $16.50 Australian residents
  • Non members: $15.00 Overseas residents

Request a catalogue search


  1. Please complete the Search Request form below
  2. Please  include an email address
  3. You will receieve your search listing via email.

The non-members search fee is:

  • $16.50 AUD (incl GST) for Australian residents
  • $15.00 AUD for overseas residents.

Payment is required at the time of requesting the search. Additional charges apply for Express Post within Australia or overseas postage.

Professional Members

This search is free for ABA professional members.

  1. Login to access the online research catalogue. Your password is found in your welcome pack or in your Breastfeeding Review journal - mailed three times a year. 

  2. or email your request directly to a Scientific Information Officer.

Please include

  • Contact details: name, phone number, postcode, ABA professional member number
  • Search Information: brief description of the information you need, the time period to be covered, if the request is urgent.

Photocopies and document delivery

To request copies of articles, please visit the photocopying service page.

Become a professional member

Become a Professional Members and get unlimited, free access to the online research catalogue

 Last updated September 2014