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Previous Seminars and Conferences

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Previous Seminars


2014 Liquid Gold: 50th Jubilee Conference

2013 Breastfeeding: from science to skills

Program 1

§                 Prof Jane Scott - Why should we value the protection of breastfeeding?

§                 Frances Jones - Milk Sharing: the sharing, selling and buying of human milk

§                 Dr Donna Geddes - Gastric emptying of the preterm and term breastfed infant

§                 Marina Green - Confrontation and collaboration: moving to beat practice

§                 Prof Jane Scott - Complementary feeding: the when/what/how never ending story

§                 Frances Jones - Dealing with NICU babies: how Baby-Friendly are you?

§                 Dr Donna Geddes - How preterm babies breastfeed – ultrasound and intra-oral vacuum findings

Program 2

§                 Prof Jenny Fenwick - Breaking free: normalising birth, breastfeeding and bonding

§                 Dr Carlos González - The affective needs of children

§                 Assoc Prof Lisa Amir - The roles of Candida and Staphylococcus aureus in nipple and breast pain: results of the CASTLE study

§                 Dr Susan Tawia - Understanding research and ethics

§                 Assoc Prof Lisa Amir - More case studies from the lactation disorders detective: diagnosing nipple and breast pain

§                 Dr Carlos González - Why children won’t eat 

2012 Breastfeeding: Working It Out

Program 1

§                 Assoc Prof Kathleen Marinelli (USA)

§                 Dr Jack Newman (Canada)

§                 Dr Julie Smith (Australia)

§                 Dr Ching Tat Lai (Australia)

Program 2

§                 Dr Peter Blair (UK)

§                 Dr Wendy Brodribb (Australia)

§                 Dr Danielle Gallegos (Australia)

§                 Prof Miriam Labbok (USA)

§                 Assoc Prof Ellen McIntyre (Australia)

§                 Prof Rebekah Russell-Bennett (Australia)

2011 Breastfeeding: Together We Do Better

Program 1

§                 Dr Alison Steube (USA)

§                 Prof. Lesley Barclay (Australia)

§                 David Clark (USA)

§                 Dr Fonteini Hassiotou (Australia)

Program 2

§                 Lisa Marasco (USA)

§                 Dr Gillian Opie (Australia)

§                 Dr James McKenna (USA)

§                 John Senior (Australia)

§                 Lyn Craig (Australia)

2010 Breastfeeding: Nurture and Nourish

§                 Dr Michael Abou Dakn (Germany) - mastitis and the role of the father in supporting breastfeeding.

§                 Dr Kathy Kendall-Tackett (USA) - treatment options for depressed breastfeeding mothers and mothers’ fatigue related to where their babies sleep.

§                 Dr Bryan Vartabedian (USA) - ‘Colic solved: reflux and the crying baby’ and ‘Allergies — the other reflux’.

§                 Dr Lane Strathearn (USA) - ‘It’s more than the milk: attachment, oxytocin and the maternal brain’

§                 Gill Rapley (UK) - ‘Baby-led weaning: a developmental approach to the introduction of solids’ was presented by .

§                 Dr Adriano Cattaneo (Italy) - ‘Growth monitoring: does it help identify growth problems?’ and ‘From good policies to good practices: strategies and interventions that work’.

§                 Sue Cox AM (Australia) spoke on the topic of helping mothers and babies to make magic together after birth.

§                 Dr. Nina Berry (Australia)  - ‘It’s all formula to me’: mothers’ understandings of toddler milk advertising’ 

2009 Breastfeeding Support Everyone Wins

§                 Nancy E Wight (author of Best Medicine: Human Milk in the NICU) on nutrition for NICU infants

§                 Dennis Spangler on allergies and Amy Spangler presenting on communicating health risk messages were from the US.

§                 Randah Saadeh from the World Health Organization

§                 Suzanne Colson from the UK

§                 Michael Abu-Dakn from Germany presented on strategies to promote breastfeeding, biological nurturing and fathers and breastfeeding.

§                 Dr Donna Geddes is a leading Australian researcher who presented on new research in to how babies suck swallow and breathe.

§                 Research was presented by Dr Marnie Rowan on nipple pain and by Sharon Perrella on breastfeeding confidence.

§                 Nerida May, National Helpline Roster Manager, and ABA director Barbara Glare presented on the ABA Breastfeeding Helpline. The new Breastfeeding Helpline was launched by Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon at the Melbourne seminar

2008 Breastfeeding: A Work of Heart

§                 Diana West (author of Making More Milk: A Nursing Mother’s Guide To Milk Supply)

§                 Kathleen Kendall Tackett (author of Depression in New Mothers and The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood)

§                 Virginia Thorley, Barbara Wilson Clay  & Kay Hoover (authors of The Breastfeeding Atlas),

§                 Linda Sweet - breastfeeding issues and the family court

§                 Liz Crowe

§                 Gill Rapley (author of Babyled weaning - a new approach to introducing solids) - baby-led introduction of solid foods

§                 Sheryl Lockhart

§                 Other topics included: obesity and breastfeeding; low supply; nipple problems; grief and the breastfeeding mother

2007 Breastfeeding: Milk, Health, Love

§                 Dr Diane Spatz

§                 Dr Peter Mansfield

§                 Alison Osborne

§                 Pam Heselev

§                 Dr Yvonne Luxford

§                 Dr Gillian Opie

§                 Nina Berry

§                 Priscilla Dunstan and Anni Gethin

2006 Breastfeeding: Making A Difference

§                 Catherine Watson Genna BS IBCLC (USA)

§                 Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No Cry Sleep Solution (USA)

§                 Dr Alison Barrett (NZ)

§                 supported by a fabulous line-up of Australian speakers such as Dr Lisa Amir, Robyn Noble, Professor Colin Binns and Dr Stephen Graves

2005 Breastfeeding: Healthy Children, Families and Communities

2004 Breastfeeding: Science and Experience 


Previous Conferences

Australian Breastfeeding Association conferences are held approximately every four years.

2011 Step Up, Reach Out: Developing an inclusive breastfeeding society 

20-21 October, Canberra ACT. Download the 2011 Conference program (pdf, 1023Kb)


§                 Dr Suzanne Colson

§                 Randa Saadeh

§                 Professor Mary Renfrew 

§                 Professor Peter Hartmann, 

§                 Professor Colin Binns

§                 Associate Professor Jane Scott

2007 Hot Milk 

2-4 August,Melbourne VIC. See 2007 conference program


2005 Breastfeeding: The Natural State 

28-30 September, Hobart TAS. Borrow - 2005 Breastfeeding: The Natural State 

§                 James McKenna

§                 Brian Palmer

§                 Peter Hartmann

§                 Sue Cox

§                 Heather Jeffery

§                 Christa Herzog

§                 Christina Smillie

§                 Nancy Mohrbacher

2001 Breastfeeding: Ancient Art, Modern Miracle 

13-15 September, Brisbane QLD

1997 Breastfeeding: The Natural Advantage 

23-25 October, Sydney NSW