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Communication and Counselling Skills

Communication and Counselling Skills

to Support Breastfeeding Workshop

Can be held on request in your workplace

This workshop has been developed for health professionals using the Australian Breastfeeding Association's counselling approach. You will learn effective communication and the basics of counselling techniques that are essential to get your message across in a non-judgemental way. The workshop also helps to clarify ethics and addresses the effect of our own values on our ability to communicate with mothers.

The experience of breastfeeding often remains an emotive one for many mothers, even long after their children have grown. The support and information we provide mothers at this time can be crucial to their sense of self and our actions may be remembered for a long time.

Counselling helps people to clarify their thoughts, provide the information that relates to their situation and offer a range of suggestions that may assist them to make their own decisions. Counselling aims to empower mothers so that they can become self-sufficient and discover their own solutions rather than being dependent on someone else’s advice. This may include helping mothers to feel confident enough to change their thinking and behaviour. For some mothers acceptance and reassurance is all that is required in order for them to be able to continue on their own.

These workshops are limited to a maximum of 24 participants to allow for effective learning.

Typically eligible for certification continuing professional development equivalent to 5 hours of education

For more information on holding a workshop at your workplace or in your area contact us

Learning Objectives

  • On completion of this workshop participants will be able to:-
  • Analyse the unintended messages in language
  • Clarify their own ethical position
  • Communicate effectively using basic counselling techniques
  • Identify and refer parents to community support groups for breastfeeding mothers
  • Outline the latest research evidence for a hands off model for assisting mothers learning to breastfeed

Typical program outline

8.45 amRegistration
9.00 amIntroductions
9.15 amCounselling the breastfeeding mother
9.30 amValues and communication – What are you really saying?
10.30 amMorning Tea
11.00 amEthics and breastfeeding
12.00 pmCounselling skills (part 1)
1.00 pmLunch
2.00 pmKnow your resources and referral points
2.15 pmCounselling skills (part 2)
3.00 pmAfternoon Tea
3.10 pmBaby-led breastfeeding
3.45 pmSummary of counselling skills
4.00 pmClose
















Last updated 17-Mar-2013