My Savings FAQs

Join or Renew your Personal membership and we'll help you save hundreds on everyday items with My Savings!

It can be challenging balancing the family budget, and that's why we have introduced the My Savings program exclusively for new and renewing Australian Breastfeeding Association personal members.

What is My Savings?
My Savings gives eligible ABA members the opportunity to save on the things you buy the most such as food, groceries, petrol, clothing, apparel, fragrances & cosmetics, home wares, automotive, cinema tickets, travel and accommodation and much more.

What are the savings I can expect?
Savings are between 5% - 70% depending on the item or service.  Most savings on everyday items and services are between 5-15%.  We have estimated the savings a couple with 2 children can achieve at around $1,600 a year

My Savings table

* At participating stores

Please note that surcharges apply when purchasing using a credit card or Paypal through the My Savings site.  Poli  and Direct Deposit payment options are available which do not incur a surcharge.

How do I access My Savings?
Eligible members gain access to My Savings when joining ABA.  Once your new membership or renewal is processed, My Savings will automatically be added to your membership.  You can then access My Savings by logging into our website.  Once logged in, you will see the My Savings access link on the right hand side of your web pages.

How does it work?
The My Savings site can be accessed by logging in to the ABA website. You are then able to browse the site and choose which items and services you would like to purchase.

How does My Savings work?

Discounts will be available through 2 methods:
1. Discounted gift cards – members can pre-purchase gift cards to some of Australia’s leading retailers, such as Woolworths, Coles, Big W and Caltex, at a discounted rate.  These can then be used like cash or Eftpos the next time you shop (or can be given as a gift). Gift cards can generally be purchased at 5% discount off their face value, e.g. if you buy a $200 Woolworths card you pay only $190 for the card but you can still spend $200 with the card.

2. Online discounts – members will either be directed to a co-branded website, where the discount is automatically applied, or you will be given a voucher code to enter at the time of purchase which will activate the discount.

Who are the retailers and service providers?
There are over 200 retailers and service providers that can be browsed on the My Savings website.  Some of the services we think will be most popular with our members include:

Supermarket savingsPetrol savingsDepartment store savings
Magazine savingsMovie savingsChildrens clothes and toys

Are there any limits?
There are no restrictions on the redemption of the benefits.  Eligible members can access the benefits offered through My Savings as often as you like, as long as you are a current (financial) Personal member of the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Who can access it?
Only eligible ABA members who log in to the members-only section of the website can access My Savings. Eligible members are Personal members who are based in Australia (My Savings does not apply to ABA Professional members, or members based outside of Australia)

Infinite Rewards is running the My Savings program for ABA
The My Savings program is being run for ABA by a company called Infinite Rewards. Members may notice that the My Savings website says it is ‘powered’ by Infinite Rewards, or you may see reference to Infinite Rewards when claiming benefits. Infinite Rewards is a company that specialises in providing these programs to membership organisations such as ABA and has created partnerships with hundreds of organisations to be able to offer a range of discounts and savings. 

Infinite Rewards will also be offering customer support for ABA members who are having difficulty accessing or using the My Savings website.

Read member stories on how they have used My Savings to help balance the family budget

"We love the gift cards. These are a win-win for me and my family, saving us at least $800 in a year. This goes towards all those electronic gadgets that my kids would like for birthdays and Christmas. You know the ones!  Plus my Australian Breastfeeding Association membership pays for itself - and I can continue my volunteer work, helping Aussie Mums and bubs."
Trish Dyson

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