My Savings Stories

Our members share how they are using My Savings to help balance the family budget

Individual members of the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) who are located in Australia are able to access My Savings to gain discounts on every day items such as fuel and groceries, as well as on things like gifts and movies.  For more information on My Savings, you can visit our My Savings FAQs page

"We love the gift cards. These are a win-win for me and my family, saving us at least $800 in a year. This goes towards all those electronic gadgets that my kids would like for birthdays and Christmas. You know the ones!  Plus my Australian Breastfeeding Association membership pays for itself - and I can continue my volunteer work, helping Aussie Mums and bubs."
Trish Dyson

"I used My Savings for the first time before the Christmas holidays and purchased eight movie tickets. My husband, our two girls and I had two trips to the movies, saving 40% on the tickets. We packed our friendly food snacks, water bottles and smiles and had fun. We will do the same for the Easter Break."
Donna Johnson

"I use My Savings to purchase all my groceries and petrol which saves me $20 per week.  It may not sound like much, but that's an extra $1000 in my pocket at the end of the year which makes a huge difference to our family budget with a new baby. I'm loving the savings!"
Tanya Gridley

"I recently used My Savings to buy tickets to Sea World. Wow! So easy to do online and saved 15% off the ticket price. It worked out to be a $40.50 saving. Saving that much on the entry ticket allowed us to say ‘yes’ to the kids when they spotted those souvenirs they just had to have."
Rebecca Ballinger

"I love the supermarket cards on My Savings. It feels good knowing EVERY TIME I shop for my everyday items I'm receiving a 5% discount. Mostly I've used Coles cards, but the Woolworths Wish cards are great too, as I use them to pay for petrol. It feels like a small win when you can team up an 8 cent per litre discount voucher and then use a discount card on top. Savings to date: $127."
Aurelia Rouse

"We wanted a family holiday in January with our nine-month-old on the Gold Coast before I returned to work. We had a look at My Savings, and found an apartment for $812 for one week. We saved over $800! We had a wonderful time and not having to stress about paying for it made it so much better."
Myf Trant

"I buy ahead for groceries each month. When I had to travel interstate for work and needed to give my mother money for groceries – no problem! She can keep my gift card in her purse and it doesn’t get mixed up with her cash. I also used gift cards to pay a friend who did some handyman work instead of drawing cash and paying fees. The money saved goes in our holiday account!"
Donna Clayton-Smith

How does My Savings work?

Members access My Savings by logging into the Australian Breastfeeding Association website.  Discounts are available by either purchasing discounted gift cards, or by redeeming shop online discounts. You can find out more on our My Savings FAQs page

If you are not a member and would like to access My Savings, you can read more about Individual member benefits and join online here