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News from the ABA Board

I am thrilled to announce ABA’s new CEO, Rebecca Naylor, started work at our Melbourne Head Office on December 1.  Rebecca has many years experience working in the health and community service sectors and her senior management experience in the not-for-profit sector will be an asset to ABA.  I spent a couple of days with Rebecca in her first week and am really excited by the wealth of experience she brings to the Association.

The Board held our first meeting for the 2014-2015 ABA year in Melbourne at the end of November.  We were delighted to award Honorary Membership to 6 very deserving, long-term volunteers.  These women have been a great support not only to mums and families, but also to other volunteers in the Association for a great many years.  All of our newest Honorary Members are still very active ABA volunteers, contributing within their group, region, branch and nationally.  Congratulations to Debbie Court, Leila Forde, Suzanne Groome, Laura Hughes, Elizabeth Oei and Leanne Taylor.

Leading up to the Board meeting, I travelled to Canberra with Jennifer Day-Sully (Senior Manager Corporate Affairs) and Debbie Yates (Breastfeeding Helpline Manager) to meet with government officials and the Department of Health.  This was a great opportunity to showcase the achievements of the Breastfeeding Helpline, including celebrating our 500 000th call.  Rebecca and I will plan further meetings to take place in the new year, to ensure the Australian Government continues to see breastfeeding as an important issue for mums, babies and families.

Rachel Fuller