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Enable ABA as a safe sender in Hotmail/

Who should use this procedure: 
Users with or email addresses
When this procedure should be used: 
Whenever a user is having difficulty receiving emails from the Australian Breastfeeding Association

Hotmail operates a very strict spam filtering system on email address that include @hotmail or @live. This means that some emails, in particular those that will let you reset your password, won’t appear anywhere in your email account (not your inbox, nor your junk folder) unless you specifically set up and as safe domains.


If you are accessing your email through, to set up and as safe domains you should:

  1. Go to your ‘Inbox’ or ‘Junk folder’
  2. Click on the cog (notched wheel) on the upper right near your name
  3. Click on ‘Options’
  4. Under ‘Preventing junk’ emails click on ‘Safe and blocked senders’
  5. Click on ‘Safe senders’
  6. Enter on the box on the left and click on Add to list >>
  7. Enter on the box on the left and click on Add to list >>
Date approved: 
Jan 2015
Approved by: 
Jen Kowald - webmaster
Review by date: 
Jan 2016