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Mary Paton Research Award 2003 and earlier

2003 - Ruth Cantrill, Debra Creedy and Marie Cooke

The entry by Ruth Cantrill, Debra Creedy and Marie Cooke Midwives' knowledge of newborn feeding ability and reported practice managing the first breastfeed was awarded the Mary Paton Research Award 2003. The authors are from Queensland and work for Griffith University. The paper related to successful breastfeeding relationships being established between mothers and babies when there is no interference with the skin to skin contact between them after birth.

Photo: Debra, Ruth and Marie receiving their award from Chris Hoadley (2nd from L), Australian Breastfeeding Association President 2003.

 2000 - Catherine Fetherston

The 2000 recipient was Catherine Fetherston RM MSc IBCLC with her paper Mastitis in lactating women: physiology or pathology? The winning article was printed in the March 2001 issue of Breastfeeding Review journal.

Abstract: Mastitis is a significant problem amongst lactating women yet there remains a paucity of scientific research into the anatomical, physiological and pathological determinants for mastitis. There is also scant knowledge regarding the physiological changes occurring within the breast as a result of mastitis. This paper examines the available research and current clinical and scientific opinion concerning the breast's response to inflammation and infection and the numerous influences that may impact upon the development of mastitis. In particular, the difficulties associated with differentiating between infective and non-infective mastitis are discussed.

Photo: Catherine receiving her award from Joy Anderson, Australian Breastfeeding Association representative.

1989 - 1999 no Award

1988 - M. Wolinski

Wolinski, M Adolescent Views on Breastfeeding: a descriptive survey

1987 - I.Soo

Soo, I Psychosomatic Factors in the Choice of Infant Feeding - A Pilot Study

 1986 - I.Lennon and B. Lewis

Lennon, I and Lewis, BR Effect of Early Complementary Feeds on Lactation Failure