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As a health professional, we offer you a unique opportunity to update your skills and knowledge, and network with other leading professionals, with our:

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We deliver Seminar Series each year - across Australia and online.  

Our seminars help you: 

  • increase your breastfeeding management skills
  • earn professional development points (PDP)
  • build networks with other professionals in our industry.


Health Professional Seminar Series 2020 | Breastfeeding: Sustaining a healthy future

Registrations now open!

Sydney: 9 March

Brisbane: 10 March

Melbourne: 13 March

Perth: 14 March

Online: 31 March-31 May 

Breastfeeding: Sustaining a healthy future brings together world renowned experts in infant and maternal health presenting the latest information and research to identify ways for you to support the sustainability of breastfeeding in Australia. Our International and local speaker line-up will identify practical skills to enable you to support a positive breastfeeding relationship that will contribute to the overall health and environmental outcomes in our community.

Live and Online Seminar Speakers

Prof Mary Renfrew (Scotland), BSc, RN, RM, PhD, FRSE

Amanda Donnet (Australia), BPsych BAppSci(Maths) BSci Hons (Psych) MPsych(Clin) MAPS FCCLP, Cert IV Breastfeeding Education (Counselling)

Dr Treasure McGuire (Australia), PhD, BPharm, BSc, GradDipClinHospPharm, GCHEd, TAE CERTIV, FACP, FPS. MSHP

Online Seminar Speakers

Access all six recorded presentations from our incredible Live Seminar Speakers PLUS these additional five pre-recorded presentation from our fabulous Online Seminar Speakers.

Dr Jane Scott (Australia), PhD, MPH, Grad Dip Diet, BSc, Adv APD, FDAA

Naomi Hull (Australia) RN, BN, Grad Cert Nursing (Crit. Care), Cert IV Breastfeeding Education (Counselling), IBCLC, MPH (Nutrition) 

Dr Miranda Buck (Australia) RN(Paeds), BA(Hons), MPhil, IBCLC, PhD

Dr Nicole Bridges (Australia) MPRIA, B Comm (Hons), PhD

Dr Alexandra Smith (Australia) PhD, CERT IV Breastfeeding Education (Counselling)


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Attending will also earn you Professional Development Points.


Live Seminars

Online Seminars



6 Pre exam hours

CERPS Approval Number: C202001



10L CERPs and 1E CERP

11 Pre exam hours

CERPS Approval Numbers: C202002 & C202001

ACM CPD Hours 6

ACM CPD Hours 11

RACGP Points have been applied for

RACGP Points have been applied for

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Provide pharmacological information and breastfeeding support to clients

DateSaturday, 22nd February 2020

Time: 9.00am - 12.00 midday 

Venue: Australian Breastfeeding Association Head Office: Level 3, Suite 2, 150 Albert Rd, South Melbourne

This workshop may also be viewed via an online meeting platform. If you wish to attend online, please Contact Training Education.

Presented by: Rodney Whyte, BPharm GradDipHP MPSA MSHPA, Therapeutic Medicines Specialist, (Medicines Information), Monash Health and Monash University

Learning objectives:

By the end of this training, learners will be able to:

·        Review the pharmacological impact of medications and drugs during birth and lactation

·         Analyse risks and benefits of medication and drug use during birth and lactation with clients

·         Provide breastfeeding clients with ethical information and support about medication and drug use

·         Support clients when breastfeeding is contraindicated due to medication or drug use 

·         Evaluate care provided to clients  

Cost (incl'd GST): Member - $120; Non-member - $135

To register use the links below:

Member link:


Non member link:


 CERPs and MidPLUS being applied for 

Communicate effectively with clients to support breastfeeding

Provide counselling to support breastfeeding 

Facilitate culturally-appropriate breastfeeding counselling

DateSaturday, 2nd May and Sunday 3rd May 2020

Time: 9.00am - 4.00pm both days 

Venue: Lakeside Business Hub: Level 4, Suite 13/150 Albert Rd, South Melbourne

This workshop must be attended in person.

Presented by: Kate Mortensen, IBCLC, Grad Dip Counselling, ABA Counsellor; Julie Taylor, ABA Counsellor, Cert IV TAE, Dip Breastfeeding Management, Physiotherapist

Learning objectives:

By the end of this training, learners will be able to:

  • Develop attributes and attitudes to support clients 
  • Create a rapport with clients 
  • Communicate information about breastfeeding
  • Support client breastfeeding needs
  • Prepare for the breastfeeding counselling process
  • Establish and maintain client confience in the breastfeeding counselling process
  • Enable clients to process breastfeeding issues
  • Conclude the breastfeeding counselling process
  • Evaluate breastfeeding counselling skills
  • Prepare for breastfeeding counselling in a culturally diverse environment 
  • Facilitate culturally appropriate communication during the breastfeeding counselling process
  • Manage situations where barriers to communication exist
  • Evaluate cultural sensitivity of breastfeeding counselling 


Cost (incl'd GST): Member - $400; Non-member - $450

Registrations opening soon

CERPs and MidPLUS being applied for 

10243NAT Diploma of Breastfeeding Management Workshop Schedule

Below is a copy of the 10243NAT Diploma of Breastfeeding Management Workshop schedule, all registrations will open a few weeks prior to the workshop. 
The workshops are held in Melbourne, with some able to be attended via an online platform.
Date                         Duration (days)           Units Covered
22 June 2019                   1                       BFMANT501 Take lactation histories and conduct breastfeeding assessments
20 July 2019                    1                       BFMENV506 Create environments to protect, promote and support breastfeeding
                                                                 BFMLEG507 Provide breastfeeding support within a legal and ethical framework
24 Aug 2019                   1                       BFMPRO504 Manage breastfeeding situations and problems     
14 Sept 2019                   1                        BFMNUT505 Facilitate infant and maternal nutrition during lactation
                                                                     BFMSUB512 Evaluate and counsel on the use of breastmilk substitutes                  
19 Oct 2019                     1/2                       BFMRES508 Use critical appraisal skills to evaluate human lactation research    
16 Nov 2019                       1                      BFMSLP513 Use infant sleep and settling methods that support the breastfeeding relationship
                                                                   BFMCSL514 Counsel clients to manage life changes associated with breastfeeding
22 Feb 2020                    1/2                   BFMPHA510 Provide pharmacological information and breastfeeding support to clients

2 & 3 May 2020                  2                       BFMCOM502 Communicate effectively with clients to support breastfeeding

                                                                 BFMCSL503Provide counselling to support breastfeeding

                                                                 BFMCUL509 Facilitate culturally-appropriate breastfeeding counselling


Our conferences attract leading professionals, and researchers from around the world. We host conferences every three to four years. 

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Workshops are offered occasionally for health professionals. 

All breastfeeding management strategies rely on accurate assessment of breastfeeding, skilled support and thorough and ongoing evaluation. Decisions about interventions including extra milk, medication, nipple shields, expressing and weaning need to be based on expert advice and evidence based practice.

Custom workshops available on request

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