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Social Media Administrator (Facebook)



Hours & Location



The term is ideally 2 years or until the candidate chooses to resign, or is no longer a member of the Association. Review and reappointment will be considered after the 2-year period.

Either party may terminate this contract with the provision of one month’s notice in writing.

Reports to

Marketing & Income Development Team

Position Objective

The objective of this role is to monitor and update the ABA Facebook page as required. The successful candidate will be required to work with the Marketing team to assist in posting, sharing, monitoring comments and assisting in growth.

The Social Media Administrator is required to: 

  • utilise Facebook as a cohesive communications channel for ABA public relations, marketing, advocacy and mother-to-mother support
  • ensure social media best practice on ABA’s Facebook account
  • support the Marketing team by assisting in coordinating activities based on the ABA National Marketing & Communications Strategy.

Position Requirements


  • Compliance with ABA’s Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Policy
  • Current voting member of ABA
  • Agreement in writing to abide by the ABA Code of Ethics
  • Viewed the Volunteering with ABA presentation.

Skills & Experience

  • Strong organisational and communication skills
  • Ability to react quickly to emerging situations, assess and implement appropriate response (with input from Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator or others in ABA as appropriate)
  • Ability to work as part of a team and provide timely, prompt support to the Marketing team
  • Public relations, marketing or communications experience will be highly valued
  • Experience with Facebook pages (essential) and other social media platforms (highly valued).


  • Strong working knowledge of Facebook
  • High level understanding of ABA’s vision, mission, organisational structure and strategic plan
  • Understanding of basic functioning, messaging and tone of all ABA social media platforms (and/or willingness to learn and acquire such knowledge)
  • Appreciation of how mums in ABA’s target audience are using Facebook (and/or willingness to quickly acquire such knowledge).


  • Communications, public relations or marketing qualifications helpful (role would also suit somebody currently studying in this field)
  • Risk management or legal qualifications helpful but not essential
  • Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education highly desirable (or willingness to undertake training).


  • Social media is an important part of the ABA’s business and is at the heart of our projects. As such the Administrator is expected to be available at certain times of the day to upload and share photos, reply to comments as well as communicate with the Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator when required.
  • In consultation with the Marketing & Income Development Team, the Administrator will assist in determining the best use of social media in relation to Facebook and communicate that approach within ABA as required.

Key Responsibilities

  • Communicate on behalf of ABA via Facebook in a responsible, responsive and informative manner, with guidance, approval and direction from the Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator.
  • Scope and share photos from breastfeeding mothers that have been a) shared with ABA, and b) feature important and popular hashtags.
  • Work in collaboration with the Marketing team to determine new and improved ways to communicate with followers and grow our Facebook community.
  • Coordinate copywriting of content for Facebook to suit as requested by the Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator, reflecting the ABA tone and messaging style.
  • Assess external content for suitability on Facebook and where appropriate, write accompanying text.
  • Liaise with the Proofreading and Approval Working Group (PRAWG).
  • Work closely with other Social Media Coordinators to ensure a uniform approach to messaging across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Where appropriate and possible, remove any content that violates ABA social media guidelines and block users who behave or post inappropriately. 
  • Provide information and instructions to staff and volunteers surrounding the use, benefits and risks of ABA engagement on social media platforms.
  • Report social media incidents as soon as possible.
  • Respond in a timely manner to emails from the ABA Marketing & Income Development Team, ensuring Facebook is up to date with relevant posts (in particular those that promote a specific campaign). Willing to assist with other ABA social media pages if required.
  • Willing to learn from the Marketing team to build skills and knowledge, with the possibility of progressing to a Coordinator role in the future.

Delegated Authority

The Social Media Administrator (Facebook) has authority to act within the guidelines of this position description, the Australian Breastfeeding Association Constitution, the Code of Ethics, ABA policies and procedures and the Delegations Manual. The Social Media Administrator (Facebook) communicates with the broader public on behalf of the Association, but does not do so in her own name.