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We offer study modules suitable for Health Professionals who wish to:

  • update and/or extend their breastfeeding knowledge
  • gain credit for IBLCE CERPs.

 Study Modules

Each study module is self-paced and explores a different lactation topic.

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Everyday Ethics for Lactation Consultants 

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Why study?

  • Self-paced learning: You can study from home or work in your own time.  There is no time limit on completion (apart from IBLCE requirements). 
  • No prerequisites: Modules do not generally require any prior knowledge of the particular topic. Concepts related to the module are explained throughout the study guide.
  • Simple assessment: Mostly multiple choice and true/false assessments.
  • Gain credit: Pre-exam hours and CERPs are awarded on successful completion of each module.


We offer print resources to support your learning:

  • Bound printed booklets containing most study material. Internet access required for reference in some readings/questions.

How to order?

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Study Module Details

Everyday Ethics for Lactation Consultants 

PURPOSE OF THIS MODULE - This module aims to increase lactation consultants’ awareness of their ethical responsibilities to clients, colleagues and society in their professional capacity.


  • A basic introduction to principles of medical ethics
  • The Code of Professional Conduct for IBCLCs
  • The role of the Discipline Committee of the IBLCE
  • Application of ethical principles in lactation consultant practice; focusing on interaction with clients and the ethical importance of proficiency.

LEARNING OUTCOMES - This study module covers some practical aspects of ethical interaction with clients and the implications of the Code of Professional Conduct for IBCLCs. On completion of this study module, candidates will recognise the ethical dimensions of day-to-day interactions with clients and be able to weigh those ethical dimensions in their decision-making.


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - IBLCE Approval No. C21225; IBLCE Pre-exam hours - 5

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