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10280NAT Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education course structure

To achieve the qualification 10280NAT Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education, the learner must complete 9 units:

  • 6 core units
  • 3 electives

The units are banded into green, yellow, orange, pink and purple units. the yellow, pink and purple band units are also delivered and assessed as integrated clusters.

A statement of attainment will be issued to any learner who has successfully completed one or more units of competency but does not meet the requirements for the qualification.

A valid Unique Student Identifier must be provided to ABA before ABA can issue a qualification or a statement of attainment.

Core units

Green band

  • BFEPRO401 Promote breastfeeding as a representative of the organisation
  • BFELEG402 Observe legal and ethical requirements when providing breastfeeding support

Yellow band - Breastfeeding information units cluster

Breastfeeding information units cluster

  • BFEINF403 Provide breastfeeding information and support
  • BFEFAM404 Guide mothers on use of lactation aids family foods and weaning

Orange band

  • BFECHA405 Support mothers to negotiate life changes associated with breastfeeding
  • BFEEDU406 Plan organise and implement breastfeeding education and support programs


Pink band - Breastfeeding counsellor units cluster

Pre-requisites: BFEINF403 is a pre-requisite for BFECSL407, BFECSL408 and BFECSL409.

Co-requisites: BFECSL407 and BFECSL408 are co-requisite units and must be selected together.

  • BFECSL407 Work within the breastfeeding counselling process
  • BFECSL408 Empower mothers through breastfeeding counselling
  • BFECSL409 Counsel on breastfeeding situations and problems

Purple band - Community education units cluster

  • BFECOM410 Provide peer based breastfeeding support as a community educator
  • BFEPRO411 Implement initiatives to protect breastfeeding
  • CHCVOL002 Lead volunteer teams

For more information

See 10280NAT Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education pre-course information (personal members only)

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