City of Palmerston

Palmerston, located 21km south of Darwin, is a young vibrant town with 34,000 residents, and continues to be one of Australia’s fastest growing cities. With an average age of 28, Palmerston’s growing population is primarily made up of families with an average of 2.9 children per household, which is significantly higher than the rest of Australia (1.9).   

Community development and well-being are close to the City of Palmerston’s heart and in 2016, Council decided to make its buildings breastfeeding-friendly spaces, encouraging local businesses to do the same.  It was only natural to then work towards gaining official accreditation from the Australian Breastfeeding Association. 

The benefits of providing breastfeeding-friendly spaces are many, for both the individual employees, as well as the organisation.

Council has a lean workforce of 80 employees, with two-thirds being female. While the annual number of women taking maternity leave is relatively small, the support when returning from maternity leave is comprehensive. Being a progressive young council operating in a tight labour market, Council acknowledges the importance of creating an attractive and supportive environment, developing a strong employer branding and being an employer of choice.  

Council has not only created a dedicated space for breastfeeding mums, it also allows one paid hour per day for full-time staff for the purpose of breastfeeding or expressing milk.

In addition, Council has created a family-friendly and supportive environment through:

  • Flexible and part-time work arrangements
  • A policy to top-up payments of the Federal Government’s Paid Parental Scheme up to 18 weeks
  • 2 weeks of paid spouse/partner leave 
  • 15 days of carer’s leave
  • Access to free counselling services
  • Promotion of the Australian Breastfeeding Association
  • Health and Well-being initiatives

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