Western Private Hospital

Western Private Hospital works in an ethical and caring manner to deliver quality care to the community. We are currently a 28 bed hospital with additional day surgery and day oncology beds and offer services encompassing the areas of medical, surgical, cardiology and oncology. Our facility includes a general ward, coronary care unit, day surgery ward and a day oncology unit with state of the art operating theatres and a cardiac catheter laboratory. We are currently building a new hospital which will see the introduction of Intensive Care services in addition to the expansion of the current services we offer and is due for completion in early 2015. 

Western Private Hospital supports the return of mothers to the workplace; promoting and supporting a mother’s choice to breastfeed and recognising the need for work-family-life balance. To that end, it is expected that all employees assist in providing a positive atmosphere to support breastfeeding employees. To ensure we provide a supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers, we have gained accreditation from the Australian Breastfeeding Association as a Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace and additionally provide the following:

  • 10 weeks paid maternity, adoption leave and one week paid paternity (non-birth partner) leave in addition to the government funded scheme;
  • Flexible leave options to extend the 52 weeks of unpaid parental leave by a further continuous period of leave not exceeding 12 months or to return from a period of parental leave on a part-time basis until the child reaches school age;
  • Flexible working arrangements including part-time, work from home, or job sharing can be negotiated where appropriate and taking into account of both the employee’s needs and the operational requirements of the Hospital;
  • Parents have the option to use paid personal leave entitlement for carer's leave to look after with sick children;
  • On-site facilities for breastfeeding/expressing breastmilk including Breastfeeding Mother’s Kit;
  • Breastfeeding support and referral information.

Breastfeeding employees may breastfeed (go to the baby or have the baby brought into the workplace) or express breastmilk during work hours as agreed with their manager and in line with the Breastfeeding Policy and Guidelines we have in place which are endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association.