What is re-accreditation?

Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accredited organisations are evaluated each year before being granted re-accreditation. This ensures that accredited workplaces continue to meet the accreditation standards.

What does re-accreditation provide?

  • access to resources, tools, support, promotion and other benefits given to accredited organisations
  • continued promotion of BFW via our website, publications and in the media
  • continued benefits from the positive associations stakeholders have with our BFW logo and endorsement by the ABA
  • continued return on investment
  • positive marketing opportunities

The BFW program keeps diversity and inclusivity on the agenda and has real life applications for women in the workforce. Re-accreditation makes good business sense.

More information can be found in the BFW Business Case for Re-accreditation.

PDF icon Business Case for Reaccreditation258.48 KB