BFW eToolkit

The ABA has developed a BFW eToolkit that contains all the information your organisation will need to become breastfeeding friendly and fully support your breastfeeding employees. 

The BFW eToolkit has been developed by BFW Consultants who have years of experience working with organisations of all sizes and from many different industries all over Australia. We have determined that there are three main criteria that determine a supportive workplace:

  1. Time - The organisation has a Breastfeeding Policy that clearly outlines the support for lactation breaks to allow a mother time to feed/express. The needs of a breastfeeding employee are usually short-term and involve either direct breastfeeding and/or expressing their milk for their infant during the working day. 
  2. Space - The organisation provides a private space for employees to feed their baby or express milk. This space may be a dedicated breastfeeding/expressing room or, depending on the size of your organisation, it could be a shared facility with a first aid room/prayer room or meeting room.  Smaller work sites or those with a small number of staff may not have a space available at all times but should have a plan in place outlining how a space will be provided should the need arise. 
  3. Supportive Culture - The organisation has a comprehensive communication strategy and procedures in place for internal and external stakeholders to develop a cultural shift towards a workplace with a truly supportive breastfeeding environment. 

By working through the BFW eToolkit and implementing these three criteria, your organisation will become truly breastfeeding friendly. The BFW eToolkit includes in-depth information on finding solutions to common problems that might be encountered, and also includes templates and examples to help make the implementation process a straightforward one. Completing the processes outlined in the BFW eToolkit will set your organisation up to be eligible for Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation assessment.

To purchase and access the BFW eToolkit submit your Expression of Interest via the online webform.