Preparing for Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation

Preparing for Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation is a comprehensive toolkit that has been developed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, offering a range of practical solutions to many frequently asked questions from organisations that are preparing to apply for Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation.

This toolkit assumes that you have already worked through our other two BFW toolkits:

The ABA is ideally placed to provide the information you are looking for when making the changes necessary in your organisation to meet the needs of your employees who wish to maintain breastfeeding and return to work.

Our experience and knowledge in this area is well founded and tested by many organisations through the many years we have been running our Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace accreditation program. We combine our expertise in breastfeeding knowledge, education and support, with many years experience in helping organisations facilitate their breastfeeding employees' return to work.

Preparing for Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation is the final step in your preparation to be audited for BFW accreditation. In this toolkit, we detail the steps involved in covering all elements of accreditation, and the evidence required for submission when you are ready to apply for the accreditation audit.

We are confident that this toolkit will answer any questions you may have about the final steps to BFW Accreditation. 
  • What is the BFW program?
  • What is BFW Accreditation?
  • How does this toolkit differ from BFW Accreditation?
  • Can we apply for a BFW Accreditation audit without purchasing all three toolkits?
  • Public health recommendations on breastfeeding
  • The business case for workplace support for breastfeeding
  • Why breastfeeding support in the workplace is necessary
  • Legislation
  • Workplace Gender Equality Agency reporting
  • Purpose of the toolkit
Getting started
  • How long will it take to prepare our application for accreditation?
  • Who will conduct the accreditation audit?
  • Project areas
  • Getting started - a detailed step-by-step plan
  • Space - breastfeeding/expressing facilities
  • Time - breastfeeding policy
  • Support - communication and workplace culture
  • Applying for BFW accreditation
  • Post accreditation
  • Writing your project implementation plan
The breastfeeding policy
  • Do we need to have a breastfeeding policy in place to gain accreditation?
  • Why do we need a breastfeeding policy?
  • Where can I find guidance on writing a breastfeeding policy?
  • What standards will the breastfeeding policy be measured against?
Breastfeeding/expressing rooms
  • Is it essential to provide facilities for breastfeeding/expressing in our workplace?
  • Why have facilities for breastfeeding and/or expressing breastmilk?
  • How will we know which sites require a room and what should be in them?
  • What standards will the rooms be measured against?
  • Gathering evidence of the rooms in place
  • What photographs are required to support the self assessment?
  • Examples of the type of photographs that must be submitted
  • Do we need to have a communication plan in place to gain accreditation?
  • Why is communication important to creating a breastfeeding friendly workplace?
  • Where can I find guidance on preparing a communication plan?
  • Additional communication strategies as a breastfeeding friendly workplace
  • Creating a supportive culture for breastfeeding employees
Are we ready for accreditation? 
  • Evidence checklist
  • What happens after we submit our application?
  • What happens if we don't meet accreditation standard?
After gaining accreditation
  • Accreditation pack
  • Communicating your new accreditation status
  • Record keeping
  • Why is reaccreditation important?
  • How does reaccreditation work?
Next steps
  • What to do after working through this toolkit
  • Checklists and other useful documents are provided in the Appendices
Electronic templates
  • A range of electronic templates are provided on CD with the toolkit

Preparing for Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation is available to purchase individually, but we strongly advise it is purchased as a set of three with the other BFW toolkits:
Together, all three toolkits prepare an organisation to apply for Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace accreditation

Purchase all three toolkits at the same time to save $100 on the total cost, and also receive a sturdy work file to keep them together along with additional ABA resources for free.  Additionally, apply for an BFW accreditation audit within 12 months of purchasing the set of three toolkits and your organisation will receive a discount on your accreditation audit fee.

For prices and to order, please download the toolkit order form below...
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