Our Sponsors

The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) values our ongoing partnerships with a number of companies which greatly assist us to provide our services to the community. We acknowledge and thank the following companies for their support:


AROMABABY Natural Skincare was created by Catherine Cervasio for her own child in 1994. With a background in natural skincare spanning over two decades, Catherine also has a Diploma in Aromatherapy and is a trained Infant Massage Instructor. AROMABABY was the first brand of its kind to combine the use of natural and organic ingredients with neonatal research. A long time supporter of ABA and passionate about the benefits of breastfeeding, Catherine is living proof that it is possible to work and breastfeed with the right support. She exclusively breastfed both her babies, her second son for two years -  whilst continuing to work full time - even expressing during overseas travel, to keep her supply up.

AROMABABY offer a comprehensive range of products including for pregnancy and post baby use. The concentrated formulations offer excellent value for money and suit from birth to pre-school, sensitive and also eczema-prone skin. The ultra-gentle formulations are free from petro-chemicals, sulphates, parabens, propylene glycol, lanolin, added colour, artificial fragrance, dairy/goats milk, phenoxyethanol and more.

Made in Australia, naturally and exported around the world, AROMABABY products have been supplied to select hospitals for over twenty years ensuring a long history of safety as well as efficacy. Still 100% Founder/Mum owned, we invite you to share in our journey.

In our continued support of ABA, we are happy to offer members access to an exclusive 20% off our regular prices when you use code ABA2018 and join our FREE eClub online. We'll also include a little gift - a travel size product to keep in your nappy bag, which can be refilled from your larger bottles to help minimise waste. We also invite ABA members to join our Wellness Group on Facebook - a private space to share information and ask questions about all your parenting need.

Visit us here www.aromababy.com/shopping.


We are proud to announce Bambooty as the Australian breastfeeding Associations newest Warmth Network partner. The founder, designer and family juggler Amelia, breastfed her three babies for over seven years altogether. She couldn't have done it without the support of the ABA and is thrilled to be able to support the ABA so it can keep supporting new and old mums in their breastfeeding journey. 

Here at Bambooty we love helping new families as best we can. We love the work the ABA tirelessly does to help with the challenges of breastfeeding and are only too happy to align our values in helping each other feed babies as best we all can. Amelia is a firm believer of support and knowledge sharing and more support, being the keys to learning new skills which lead to growing happy, healthy little and big people. 

Booby Days and Booby Nights available here

      • bambooty nursing pads for breastfeeding mums are topped with luxuriously soft bamboo and organic cotton velour for sensitive skin
      • backed with breathable PUL for milk proofing with a smooth or minky finish (no leaking through)
      • available in 3 (bamboo) layers called Booby Days or 4 (bamboo) layers called, Booby Nights
      • purchase as a pair for $7.95 or 6 pairs for $34.95 to make life easier

To all the parents out there reading this, we wish you all the best on your feeding journey and parenthood! 

Love from the extended Bambooty Family

Ardo - proudly distributed by JB Medical Supplies

Bonding Partner - Endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association

We are delighted to introduce our major bonding partner, Ardo, distributed by JB Medical Supplies. This partnership includes endorsement of the Ardo Carum hospital-grade pump and Calypso personal pump

Rigorously Tested by the Australian Breastfeeding Association

An expert working group, including Breast Pump Working Group members, ABA Director, the Manager Breastfeeding Information & Research, and the Senior Manager Income Development & Marketing was established and developed the evaluation process and survey. A group of breastfeeding women were asked to trial the Ardo personal (Calypso) and hospital-grade (Carum) breast pumps to express breastmilk either in hospital or at home. Their babies ranged in age from 1 day to 6 months. The women used the pumps for a variety of reasons: to stimulate a supply for a premature baby or a baby in NICU; to increase their supply; to allow others to care for baby; or to build stash for when they returned to work. 

100% of women considered the quality of the pump either good or excellent

•100% of women found the pump easy to use

•89% of women strongly agreed or agreed that they would you recommend this pump to other mothers

Ardo is in compliance with the WHO Code and strongly promotes breastfeeding. 

The WHO Code on the marketing of mother's milk substitutes protects and supports breastfeeding. The Code determines how mother's milk substitutes may be marketed without endangering the practice of breastfeeding. The International Code makes reference to each product which is marketed as a partial or total replacement for mother’s milk, including feeding bottles and teats. Ardo is completely committed to observing absolutely each and every WHO Code.

Vacuum Seal Closed System

All Ardo breastpumps include pumpsets that have a Closed System (Vacuum Seal Technology). This technology ensures that there is a total barrier between the breastmilk and any pathogenic agents. “Vacuum Seal” guarantees protection of the breast, breast milk and the breastpump against contamination. There is no danger of cross contamination, even when Ardo breastpumps are being used by several mums, for example when being shared in a hospital environment.

Award Winning

Over the years, we've collected a number of awards for our breast pumps, including Mumii, Gentle Parenting and Made for Mums. We are particularly proud of our Mumsnet awards, the Calypso has been a ‘Mumsnet Best’ for five years and is currently breastpump of the year, all voted for by parents.

Recommended by Midwives

As part of a large-scale Ardo midwife test we asked 1,000 midwives to put our Calypso Double Plus to the test. We then asked the experts for their opinion by means of a comprehensive questionnaire. After 8 weeks, we had received detailed feedback from 815 testers. The result confirms the quality of the double breast pump: 97% of midwives recommend the Calypso Double Plus.

To view the Ardo pumps and accessories and learn more about the company, please visit www.ardo.com.au.

Queen Bee

We are thrilled to announce that our new Warmth Network partner is Queen Bee and we welcome them to the ABA community.  

From that moment of anticipation waiting for the blue line to appear, to the time you are cradling your baby in your arms, Queen Bee is the name friends recommend for pregnancy, right through to motherhood.

This family owned business started from one mum's passion for breastfeeding (and the inability to leave her baby and return to accounting) and grew into Australia's most stylish source of pregnancy and breastfeeding wear.

Now, with over 60 international and Australian brands, Queen Bee has a curated collection of colours and styles for everyday wear and those special occasion outings. Our original shoulder snap button design is an award winner with a large range of postpartum nursing fashion.

To celebrate their honour of being a Warmth Network partner, please use the code ABA10 for a 10% discount on your first order at www.QueenBee.com.au



Ubere (Latin, Breastfeeding) are pleased to be supporting breastfeeding mothers across Australia over the past four years through our corporate partnership with the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA). We retail breast pumps and related breastfeeding products.

Exclusive Offer for ABA Members!
To further support breastfeeding mothers and ABA, we are pleased to offer ABA Members 10% off all products on www.uberebaby.com through coupon code ABA10.