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Join to access practical and caring support - every step of the way 

An Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) membership offers you 12-months access to our full, wrap-around services for expectant and new parents and breastfeeding mums. Experience the confidence, connection and support that comes with membership of Australia's most trusted breastfeeding information and support organisation.

Support and expertise to help you realise your breastfeeding goals

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A parenting ‘village’

Connect with a warm and authentic, local parenting ‘village’. Join other mums at your local group who are here to learn, share and raise each other up. Our trained breastfeeding counsellors and educators are parents too, and understand the joys and challenges of the parenting journey.

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Unconditional support

Access wrap-around online and in-person support from pregnancy, through early parenting, to returning-to-work and growing your family. Breastfeeding is a learned skill for mums and babies, and everyone's journey will be different. We’ve been there, and we’re here for you.  

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Great savings

ABA members receive a 60% discount on antenatal breastfeeding education classes, 50% discount on breast pump hire and a 10% discount across our extensive range of parenting and breastfeeding booklets in our online shop. 

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Reliable information

Receive ABA’s trusted and reliable breastfeeding and parenting information personalised for you. Feel empowered to make informed choices for your family, knowing that you’re receiving information that's high quality, accurate and free from commercial influence.

What's included?
  • 60% off antenatal breastfeeding classes 
  • 50% off hospital-grade breast pump hire
  • Local breastfeeding counselling and support  
  • Access to an instant, parenting 'village' at your local group
  • LiveChat queue priority
  • Newborn Virtual Village
  • Exclusive mum2mum app content  
  • 'Breastfeeding...naturally' breastfeeding guide
  • "Essence" member magazine subscription
  • Member eNewsletter

Why join ABA?

ABA has been supporting mums with their breastfeeding goals since 1964. See what other mums say about what ABA membership means to them. 

Elly Ellul and Amelie 

"I started coming to ABA meetings about a month before Amelie was born. Surrounding myself with knowledgeable and supportive people really nurtured my confidence and self-belief as a mum."

Amber Perry and Ruby 

“The newsletter, booklets, training courses and local support groups were all fantastic.  I felt so prepared, and we’ve had a fantastic breastfeeding experience.”  

Bianca Stocker and Ryan 

“It was reassurance and guidance in the haze of the first 6-weeks, then it was friendship and support at local group meetings and finally the wealth of information.”  

Christina D’Amato and Jessica 

“I have made the most amazing life-long friends who supported and helped me through those difficult and confusing times. Joining ABA was one of the smartest choices I have ever made.”  

Lee-Ann Foord 

“ABA has given me confidence and skills and led me into a new career (post new motherhood). My life would be very different without ABA.”  

Select your breastfeeding education & membership options now

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A parenting 'village'

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With you from the start

Attend a local breastfeeding class and connect with other parents-to-be and trained breastfeeding counsellors and educators as the adventure begins.



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Access to local workshop sessions and events

Connect with trained breastfeeding counsellors and educators in your local community for breastfeeding information and personalised support. Members have access to our local Info & Chat and Connect & Share sessions. 



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Join a virtual parenting community

Many local groups are continuing to offer online workshop sessions and events. These catch-ups are perfect for new mums with very young babies. Members can join any online session run by a local group anywhere in Australia.



"My ABA membership has been the most wonderful support tool for me during my first year of motherhood. The newsletter, booklets, training courses, Helpline and local support groups were all fantastic!" 

Amber Perry and Ruby

Great savings

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Local Breastfeeding Education Classes (BEC)

Save 60% on non-member price

Our face-to-face class will help you prepare for breastfeeding with practical information on how breastfeeding works, feeding cues and attachment.  See a demo from a breastfeeding mum, ask questions and get personalised support from our qualified educator. 



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Breastfeeding Education Live webinars (BEL)

Save 60% on non-member price

Our 1.5 hour live online, interactive workshop will help you prepare for breastfeeding with practical information on how breastfeeding works, feeding cues and attachment.



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Local breastpump hire

Save 50% on non-member price

Members save 50% when you hire a hospital-grade breast pump through your local group.  Get 1:1 support to make pumping easier and more effective. 



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Savings in our online shop

Save 10% on non-member prices

Access to Australia’s most comprehensive range of breastfeeding resources to support your specific needs. Evidence-led, always practical, easy to understand resources – free from commercial bias. 



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'Breastfeeding... naturally' book

FREE - non-member price $34.95

Receive a free copy of this comprehensive book. It covers a wide range of topics and will help to answer your questions.



Is there a mum-to-be in your life? Give her the gift of wrap-around support, with an ABA membership.

"The support and nurturing I have continued to receive from within the group has been invaluable to Amelie and I on this road."

Elly Ellul and Amelie

Reliable information

Blue book

'Breastfeeding...naturally' book

Receive a FREE copy of this comprehensive book. It covers a wide range of topics and will help to answer your questions. 



Blue app

Member-only online content

Gain exclusive access to member-only content in the mum2mum app. Save hours of scrolling for the right information. 



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Subscription to 'Essence'

Our quarterly member magazine delivered to your inbox or door.



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LiveChat queue priority

Support for your breastfeeding questions and queries, with member messages fast-tracked for response from our qualified volunteers.



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Monthly eNewsletter

Get the latest news and updates from the ABA emailed directly to you every month.

Are you a returning member? 

Plug back into the wrap-around support that comes with ABA membership and help us support more mums Australia-wide.

Are you a health professional?

ABA is dedicated to helping health professionals provide best-practice support for mothers and families. Become a professional member and access a range of evidence-based education and resources.   

Health professionals