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Our Senior National Team

ABA Senior Management Team


Victoria Marshall-Cerins, Executive Officer 

BA Hons, MSc, Grad Dip Community Education, Prof Cert Not-For-Profit Management, Grad Dip Childbirth Education, Dip AMI Montessori Early Childhood Education 0-3, 3-6. 

Victoria is a passionate and strategic not-for-profit leader with over 11 years’ senior management experience in the areas of volunteering, education and health, both in Australia and internationally. 

Since becoming a mother in 2001, Victoria has supported pregnant women and their partners through the transition into parenting, as a qualified independent childbirth educator, doula and early childhood educator. 

Victoria lives in Melbourne with her husband and two teenage children. 

Naomi Hull

Naomi Hull, Senior Manager Breastfeeding Information and Research 


Naomi Hull is a Registered Nurse, an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and has a Master of Public Health (Nutrition).  Naomi has been a volunteer with ABA since 2001 and a breastfeeding counsellor (Cert IV Breastfeeding Education) since 2006, and she qualified as an IBCLC in 2010. Naomi is passionate about and responsible for the provision of up-to-date, evidence-based information for the general community and health professionals.   

In her spare time Naomi loves spending time with her husband, adult children and her Rhodesian Ridgeback, going on bushwalks and weightlifting training.  

nerida Haines

Nerida Haines, Senior Manager Helpline Services and Volunteer Support 

Nerida is a volunteer breastfeeding counsellor and educator with ABA and has been managing the National Breastfeeding Helpline Services since their very beginnings in 2008. Nerida is proud of and inspired by the work of ABA’s volunteers, admiring their dedication and passion for supporting Australian mums, their babies and families to reach their breastfeeding goals.  Prior to working with ABA, Nerida was an Assistant Principal and enjoyed time in Kindergarten classrooms, working alongside Australia’s little learners. As a mum of 3, family is her life and catching up together on bushwalks, at the beach and over family games and mealtimes remain very precious moments. 

Caroline Doherty

Caroline Doherty, Senior Manager, Growth & Engagement 

Caroline is a communications, engagement and social sustainability leader, passionate about for-purpose collaborations between community, government, and business. With a background in PR, corporate social responsibility and marketing, Caroline's expertise spans the aviation/ tourism, mental health, sustainability, and government sectors. She joined ABA in 2021, and driven by her own breastfeeding challenges, looks forward to reinvigorating ABA's engagement and digital presence.  

Caroline has volunteered within environmental and education organisations for 15+ years, across a range of board and operational roles.  

Paulina Browitt

Paulina Browitt, Senior Manager Operations 

Paulina has been with ABA since 2017 and is responsible for management of the national support office day-to-day operations including human resources, information technology, office administration and facilities. 

Paulina has two sons, each of which posed unique breastfeeding challenges in the early months of life. Her personal experience of dealing with those challenges means she is strongly aligned with the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s commitment to support mothers in their individual breastfeeding journeys, as well as the not-for-profit ethos to create positive community outcomes. 

Paulina has a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws from Monash University. 

Jacki McAvenna

Jacki McAvenna, Consulting CFO

Jacki is a finance professional with 25+ years of experience.  After starting her career at PwC, she moved into business in 2002, and has worked in a number of senior finance roles. 

In 2016 Jacki made a decision to leave the corporate world behind and use her skills and experience to help not-for-profit organisations with their financial management.   

Jacki’s focus is operational finance, and she enjoys working in organisations on a regular and ongoing basis, believing that this is the best way to provide great service and outcomes. She relishes the hands-on nature of working with NFP’s, and enjoys working with teams to get the best out of finance.  

Jacki has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Adelaide and is a member of Chartered Accountants ANZ. 

Melanie Carter, Senior Manager Training, Education and Environments

ABA Branch Presidents 2022

Vanessa Campbell, ACT/NSW Branch President 

Julia Moore

Julia Moore, Western Australia Branch President 

Julia first became involved in the Australian Breastfeeding Association as a baby in the arms of her mother watching on as she volunteered with her local group. When pregnant, Julia signed up as a member attending a breastfeeding education class in 2015. After attending group meetings and receiving valuable peer support to help her breastfeeding journey she started volunteering and qualified as a breastfeeding educator in 2017. Wanting to give back to the association she had gained so much from, Julia has taken on group helper roles before becoming group leader of the Northern Perth Group and many different WA roles such as conference coordinator. 

Kath Angus

Kath Angus, Queensland Branch President 

Dip Children's Services, Dip Sustainability, Cert IV Breastfeeding Education, BMid (Hons), Cert IV, Training and Assessment, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Kath joined ABA in 2010 as an expectant mum. At 36 weeks pregnant, Kath attended an ABA Breastfeeding Education Class run by her local group, and 6 weeks later, returned to the next class with a 9 day old baby as the group's demo mum. Within a year, Kath started training as a breastfeeding counsellor, and later as a mum of two, took over 500 calls on the Breastfeeding Helpline in her first year after completing her Cert IV in Breastfeeding Education. Kath has since operated as Group Leader, helped with breast pump hire and run over 50 Breastfeeding Education Classes. Kath's professional background as an early childhood educator, midwife, and now lactation consultant means that Kath lives and breathes parenting support.

Chrissy Jachmann

Chrissy Jachmann, South Australia / Northern Territory Branch President 

BHSc (Psych), Grad Dip Psych Science, Cert IV Breastfeeding Education (Counselling)

After calling the breastfeeding helpline early in her own breastfeeding journey, Chrissy was inspired to join the Association. The support provided by counsellors on helpline helped Chrissy to breastfeed her two children for longer than she ever expected. Chrissy’s passion is overnight Helpline. Being able to be there for families at a time when it feels like no one else in the world is awake. After moving to a new area, Chrissy connected with a local group, just over the border in Victoria. Upon walking into that room, it felt like she had found her tribe! Other mothers with children of all ages, sharing wisdom, experiences and of course a cup of tea. Shortly after this first meeting, she started training and completed her Cert 4 in Breastfeeding Education. 
The friendships developed through this group survived the closing of state borders during the Covid pandemic and she has continued to provide breastfeeding support to families in the community and on helpline. 

Charlotte Fielding

Charlotte Fielding, Tasmania Branch President 

Charlotte is a Breastfeeding Counsellor and Educator, and mum of three. For her, ABA has always been more about the social, than the breastfeeding and she has hosted ABA events at her home  in Tasmania for many years. She daydreams about a world where all mothers feel supported and empowered by their infant feeding decisions.  She believes all parents have the right to accurate breastfeeding information, and that we do them a disservice with messages like ‘breast is best’ without providing the tools they need to make it happen.  We know that most mothers want to breastfeed their babies, and if things don’t go well, they sometimes think they’ve failed at breastfeeding – but it’s society who has failed to support them.  Taking calls on the National Breastfeeding Helpline is always a highlight for Charlotte.

Jennifer Hurrell

Jennifer Hurrell, Victoria Branch President 

Jennifer joined ABA in 2005 following the birth of her second child. She'd moved to regional Victoria in the year after the birth of her first child and had struggled funding a support network in her new town.  At her first ever local group meeting, Jennifer realised that the mums in the local ABA group were likely to become her new village. 
Within the first year of membership, Jennifer had decided to train as a Breastfeeding Counsellor, and took over as the local group leader just as she qualified. Jennifer ran weekly meetings in Bendigo for almost 6 years and lived connecting with local mums and supporting so many different families. Jennifer has also completed training to be a Breastfeeding Educator as well as providing training for new volunteers. 
Jennifer joined the Victorian Branch leadership team in 2017 and became the Victorian Branch president in 2022. She feels privileged to work with our amazing Victorian volunteers, and to be part of the national leadership team. She is sometimes described by friends and family as the "boob lady", and loves sharing the fascinating science of breastfeeding when the opportunity arises.