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The Australian Breastfeeding Association relies on current, evidence-based research to inform us on best breastfeeding practices.

We support researchers and facilitate research into human lactation and breastfeeding in several ways: 

  • Assistance with research 
  • Research collaborations 
  • Breastfeeding Review journal 
  • Mary Paton Research Award 

Assistance with your research

The Australian Breastfeeding Association: 

  • can assist researchers to recruit participants to their research projects and 

  • can give access to ABA members, volunteers, staff or archives for research purposes. 

ABA supports high-quality research on breastfeeding-related subjects including: 

  • lactation 

  • breastfeeding 

  • breastmilk 

  • breastfeeding friendly environments 

  • ABA paid and volunteer staff, or members (past or present) or ABA services. 

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Research collaborations

The Australian Breastfeeding Association collaborates with leading universities, researchers and healthcare facilities. Our involvement varies depending on the type and scope of the research.  

Enquiries about research collaborations should be directed to our Breastfeeding Information and Research via email 

Breastfeeding Review journal 

Breastfeeding Review is the peer-reviewed, professional journal of the Australian Breastfeeding Association which is published three times each year in March, July and November.  

Breastfeeding Review publishes articles and information on human lactation and its management and breastfeeding, including original research papers, scientific findings, case studies, articles on social and ethical aspects of lactation, reviews and letters. 

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Mary Paton Research Award 

The Mary Paton Research Award is offered every two years, by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, to stimulate Australian research into breastfeeding. 

The award was established to honour the founder of the Australian Breastfeeding Association, Mary Paton OAM. 

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Breastfeeding information consultations

ABA members and members of the public may request literature searches to help answer their specific questions or for provision of scientific references.

Individual lactation histories

ABA's Breastfeeding Information team collect unique breastfeeding case histories to provide information on breastfeeding practice in the community and to shed light on the practical experiences of mothers especially in areas that are not well researched.