Breastfeeding advocacy


In addition to mother-to-mother support services and breastfeeding education, the Australian Breastfeeding Association advocates for breastfeeding.

ABA members and volunteers participate in a range of advocacy activities and, as an organisation, ABA maintains productive relationships with policy makers and regularly writes submissions to breastfeeding related government inquiries and reports.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association has established a number of advocacy initiatives to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in workplaces, communities, health services and in emergencies. Many of our members and volunteers participate in these initiatives and other activities, but individuals can also contribute.

Have a look through the pages in this section and you will see the programs ABA has in place to help advocate for breastfeeding. The Members section has more information and other activities which are easy to do and really make a difference.

How you advocate will depend on your interests and circumstances. The pages in this section provide some great information and resources, and the Members section will give you some more helpful ideas and tools.

Whatever you do to advocate for breastfeeding, please know that every minute you spend advocating is precious and valuable —the breastfeeding mothers and babies of Australia appreciate it!