National Mothering Week

National Mothering Week 2019

Help us celebrate National Mothering Week 2019 
6-12 May 2019 | All for mums

This year National Mothering Week is celebrating the unity of motherhood. We are encouraging mothers to rally behind and support one another in their parenting choices; including how a mother chooses to feed, as well as other personal decisions they make for bringing their baby into the world and raising their child. Living in a society that is often filled with so much judgement, particularly in an online environment, it is understandable for pregnant women and mothers to feel anxious about the decisions they make. It’s time we rise above and give each other the support, encouragement and love we all need to be the best parents we can be.  

National Mothering Week 2019 encourages mothers to take this opportunity to show support and care for other mothers, both in their local communities and online. Instead of passing judgement, let's all think twice and give each other the care, love and support we all deserve. There is no manual for parenting and the more compassion we show each other, the better off we will all be.   

Local ABA groups will be hosting community events to celebrate National Mothering Week. Please visit the local group events page for more information on what groups are doing in your area. Come along for some mother-to-mother support, connect with new parents and learn from the experiences of others.

National Mothering Week 2019 Competition

Help us share the love and message of support this National Mothering Week by saying thank you to somebody who has made a difference to you in your journey of becoming a mother, or is doing an amazing job herself. We want all mums to inspire, encourage and lift up others, so please get involved and let somebody special in your life know just how much you admire them. 

Our lovely friends at GAIA Skin Naturals will be donating a lovely mums & bubs hamper to one lucky mother nominated throughout National Mothering Week. We will be keeping an eye on our social media and emails during the week and look forward to hearing your stories! A winner will be selected by ABA on Tuesday 15 May and the winner notified on the same day.

Nominate somebody now by tagging them on our Facebook post or email your nomination to

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Join the conversation on social media

Making a difference and spreading positive vibes on social media is one of the most important ways we can communicate our message. Research has shown that social media has become an important gateway for mum seeking support, so please help us show them that their thoughts and choices are welcome.

Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to join the National Mothering Week celebrations. We are using the following hashtags for National Mothering Week, so please be sure to use them when discussing, sharing photos or posting. 

#NMW2019 #nojudgement

Do you wish to support ABA's work?

ABA has a range of services available to support pregnant women and new mothers, including the National Breastfeeding Helpline and LiveChat. (LiveChat was actually launched to the public during National Mothering Week in 2018!) The work that we do is crucial in ensuring mothers have the support they need to feed their babies. 

If you would like to help us continue this support and expand our services, please consider donating to ABA during National Mothering Week. Your gift will go a long way in helping us give Australian families the information, compassion and mother-to-mother support in 2019.