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National Mothering Week

Every May in the week that precedes Mothers Day, the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) acknowledges and celebrates mums across Australia and the special role that they play in our lives.

National Mothering Week is a valuable opportunity for ABA to cement its status as an essential part of the mothering community and remind the wider public about the importance of providing support to mums – no matter how they choose to parent, raise their child or feed their baby.

The 2021 theme celebrated the community of more than a million mothers who have sought support, reassurance, confidence and friendship through ABA over the years. This year, ABA hit the milestone of 1 million calls made to the National Breastfeeding Helpline, and National Mothering Week provided the perfect opportunity to celebrate not just the mums we’ve been able to support over the past 12 years on the Breastfeeding Helpline but the incredible community of mothers the Association has supported in its 57 years.  

Local ABA groups hosted face-to-face and online community events to celebrate National Mothering Week. We also ran a competition asking for mums to share a time they felt supported by their community – whether that was hearing the right words just when they needed them, receiving an encouraging text in the middle of the night, or finding a lifelong friendship that’s helped them on their motherhood journey. One lucky winner received a $200 Lenny Rose Active voucher.  

Please stay tuned to our social media pages and join the conversation for future National Mothering Weeks.   

And keep an eye out on our calendar of events to keep abreast of not only future National Mothering Weeks, but also the other regular events that ABA groups are hosting in your area.