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We are proud to announce Bambooty as the Australian Breastfeeding Association's newest Warmth Network partner.  

About Bambooty 

The founder, designer and family juggler Amelia, breastfed her three babies for over seven years altogether. She couldn't have done it without the support of the ABA and is thrilled to be able to support the ABA so it can keep supporting new and old mums in their breastfeeding journey.  

Here at Bambooty we love helping new families as best we can. We love the work the ABA tirelessly does to help with the challenges of breastfeeding and are only too happy to align our values in helping each other feed babies as best we all can. Amelia is a firm believer of support and knowledge sharing and more support, being the keys to learning new skills which lead to growing happy, healthy little and big people.  

Booby Days and Booby Nights available here

  • bambooty nursing pads for breastfeeding mums are topped with luxuriously soft bamboo and organic cotton velour for sensitive skin 

  • backed with breathable PUL for milk proofing with a smooth or minky finish (no leaking through) 

  • available in 3 (bamboo) layers called Booby Days or 4 (bamboo) layers called, Booby Nights 

  • purchase as a pair for $7.95 or 6 pairs for $34.95 to make life easier 

To all the parents out there reading this, we wish you all the best on your feeding journey and parenthood!  

Love from the extended Bambooty Family.