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Qld Correspondence Group, QLD

    Our correspondence group offers a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere to all mums and their families to share the frustrations and the joys of parenting, and access accurate information about babies and breastfeeding.

    Some of us live in towns and others are out on properties. Our group members come from all different backgrounds and experiences; we are different ages and so are our babies/children. Some of us are first time mums and some are on our way to producing enough for a football team! We are all brought together by our interest in breastfeeding and the desire to help and support one another.

    Instead of meeting face-to-face, we support each other via our closed Facebook group for members, emails, phone calls, and our regular ‘Country Chat’ newsletter. The Country Chat is a bit like a group meeting, with new subscribers introduced, topics discussed, hints and recipes exchanged, news from our National Support Office and news from other mums. In fact it has been described as just a like a group meeting but that you can do it in your 'onesie'. 

    Breastfeeding education classes are being offered live and online. Breastfeeding Education Live sessions run weekly during the evenings and at weekend. We encourage you to book in if you are pregnant and wanting to learn more about breastfeeding before your baby arrives.

    Where we are

    Queensland Correspondence Group covers all the towns and isolated areas in Queensland that don't have access to a local face-to-face ABA group.

    Can I still join in with the group if...

    ...I haven't had my baby yet?

    Yes -  Many of us nowadays don't have much experience with babies until we have our own, so we need all the help we can get!

    You might also like to check out our popular breastfeeding education classes Learn more

    ...everything is going fine? 

    Yes! You don't need to be having problems with breastfeeding or anything else to enjoy some interesting conversation and connect with other mums. Information and support is only part of why we are here - its fun to be part of our group. child is not a baby any more? 

    Yes, mums don't stop needing support once their child is mobile or starts walking!

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    Who we are
    Get in touch with Kate Drury your friendly local group contact at:
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    We are not currently offering breastpump hire. Please search the map to check availability of pumps in nearby groups

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