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'How Breastfeeding Works' booklet series

How Breastfeeding Works is a series of booklets providing information in languages that reflect the diversity of the Australian community. The 40-page booklets cover 9 commonly needed topics with simple explanations and beautiful illustrations.  

These booklets are available free of charge to health professionals, hospitals, health centres and other services supporting breastfeeding mothers.

How Breastfeeding Works is available in a simple English version and in 13 community languages. The translations of these booklets sit side-by-side with the English version. Booklets are A5 in size.

How Breastfeeding Works booklet covers - Easy English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hindi and Arabic





To order - NSW only

Languages available: Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Nepali, Bengali, Korean, Vietnamese, Karen/Burmese, Turkish, Spanish, Tibetan, Punjabi and Urdu. (Please note: some languages may be unavailable at times).

Cost: Booklets and postage is free of charge through funding by the NSW government

Contact: ABA ACT/NSW Branch Office

Contents pages from two of the booklets, in Chinese and Arabic





To order - all other states and territories

Languages available: Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Vietnamese (approximately A5 size) and Easy English (approximately A4 size)

Cost: Booklets are free of charge through Australian Federal Government funding.

Contact: Email for order form and information on postage costs.

Contents pages from two of the booklets, in Hindi and Vietnamese





Pages from one of the booklets, in Vietnamese