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Member reviews

Christina D'Amato and Jessica

"When I was blessed with the birth of my first child Jessica Chloe, I was one of those really unsure, panicky mums. I wasn't sure if I was doing things right, if she was getting enough breastmilk, if she was happy etc. Our first trip out of the house alone was to an ABA meeting. If was just the support I needed. I have made the most amazing life-long friends who supported and helped me through those difficult and confusing times. Between the Essence magazines, the forum and the new friends, joining ABA was one of the smartest choices I have ever made.'

Bianca Stocker and Ryan

"ABA membership has helped me and my family immensely. First is was reassurance and guidance in the haze of the first six weeks from the breastfeeding counsellors, second it was friendship and support from the local gathering as I got the confidence to head out with my newborn and thirdly it has been the wealth of information on the website which includes the forum."

Elly Ellul and Amelie

"My ABA membership was a gift from my children for my birthday. I started coming to ABA meetings about a month before Amelie was born as I have a girlfriend who is a member, who knew I had struggled with developing and maintaining a longed for breastfeeding relationship with my son. I wanted to surround myself with knowledgeable and supportive people to help. The support and nurturing I have continued to receive from within the group has been invaluable to Amelie and I on this road."

Bindy Albury

"I have LOVED getting to know other families through my local group, and have made a couple of close long-term friends. Also, unlike some other groups where all of the children are at the same stage and age, it's been great being given perspective and encouragement by more experienced parents. Mostly they reassure that, 'this will pass, it's nothing to get worked up about', which is what I needed to hear."