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Breastfeeding Preparation Session - Down syndrome

FREE webinar: Down syndrome. Your guide to breastfeeding

- Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney Time


Breastfeeding a baby with Down syndrome

Breastfeeding Preparation Session - Down syndrome

Workshop time

All times are scheduled in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney time. Please adjust to suit your time zone.


Learn about breastfeeding your baby with Down syndrome at our 1.5-hour webinar. A mum will share her experience and tips. You can ask anything you want to know in the Q&A segment.

You will learn
  • Getting started – including positioning and attaching a baby with low muscle tone  
  • Information on how breastfeeding can support additional health needs of a baby with Down syndrome – including sleep and medical needs  
  • Steps for a comfortable feed 
  • How to tell when your baby is hungry 
  • Signs that your baby is getting enough milk  
  • What’s normal for newborn feeding and common baby behaviours  
  • Where to go for help and support    

1.5 hours