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Breastfeeding Preparation Session - Multiples

Multiples Breastfeeding Preparation Session

- Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney Time


Multiples Breastfeeding Preparation Session - $20 for ABA Virtual Village members

Breastfeeding Preparation Session - Multiples

Workshop time

All times are scheduled in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne time. Please adjust to suit your time zone.


You’ll be welcoming your babies soon, you know you want to breastfeed and you want to be prepared.  

Breastfeeding is a learned skill, for mums and babies alike.  Get the practical skills to help your babies establish breastfeeding, as well as solutions for common challenges.  Learn in a small group, covering must-have tips, techniques from our qualified breastfeeding educators and hear first-hand from a breastfeeding mum with multiples in our Q&A segment.   

If your pregnancy has flown by, this workshop will quickly prepare you before your babies arrive. You’ll be in the company of other expectant parents who are juggling similar time pressures. 

Past participants regularly comment that our classes were THE most important bit of pre-birth preparation they did – so schedule an ABA workshop or class now. 

You’ll leave feeling empowered and prepared for your journey ahead.

You will learn

Getting started - including positioning and attaching your babies 

  • Steps for a comfortable feed
  • Expressing breastmilk   
  • How to tell when your babies are hungry  
  • Signs that your babies are getting enough milk 
  • What’s normal for newborn feeding and common baby behaviours 
  • Where to go for help and support
Resources provided

Detailed videos of newborns feeding and what good attachment looks like  
Practical tips to know when your babies are getting enough milk 
Guides of different feeding positions – Solve common challenges or just get comfier!


2 hours


ABA Virtual Village members: $20

Non-members: $125


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  • 1 x online education session $125

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