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South Australia / Northern Territory (SA/NT) Branch

Welcome to the ABA SA/NT Branch!

We provide breastfeeding information and support to mums and their families from Fowlers Bay to Mount Gambier, Adelaide to Darwin. 

SA/NT Branch

Our network of local groups offers breastfeeding education, information and support from pregnancy through to your child’s first birthday and well beyond.  

We look forward to supporting you to achieve your breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be.  

Breastfeeding education

We are currently offering online breastfeeding education through ABA’s interactive Breastfeeding Preparation Sessions. Learning about breastfeeding during pregnancy is great preparation for life with your new baby.  

We also hold regular face-to-face Breastfeeding Education Classes in Adelaide and Darwin.  

Local groups

SA/NT Branch local groups offer catch ups and activities online and in your community. You can access local breastfeeding information and peer support and connect with a parenting village for friendship and support. Local group events are free for ABA members.  

Health professionals

Our qualified volunteers also engage with local health professionals to ensure that they have the information and skills they need to provide best practice care of breastfeeding women and babies.   


We are involved in a range of activities and advocacy programs to support our vision of a breastfeeding-inclusive society. Look out for our resources in your local hospital and health centre and come and say hello if you see our ‘Feed and Change’ tents at community events. 

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