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Support our Tax Appeal - 60 years, 60 days, $60k

Help us continue our vital work with mums, parents and families for another 60 years

As we celebrate ABA’s 60th anniversary year, we reflect on our journey of supporting families across six decades. From our humble beginnings to our present-day, Australia-wide initiatives, ABA has empowered generations of mums and babies on their unique breastfeeding journeys. 


Our Tax Appeal for 2024 reflects our commitment to sustaining our vital support programs for another 60 years. Help us raise $60k in ABA's 60th anniversary year.

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Learn more about ABA's 60th anniversary year!

Three generations of mothers share their experiences of ABA's impact on their lives over six decades 

Katie's, Ainslie's, and Lauren's stories illustrate the lasting impact of ABA across generations. Our 60th anniversary is a unique opportunity to help ABA to reach our goal of raising $60,000 to support the next generation of mothers and families. 



New mum Lauren reflected on how ABA provided trusted breastfeeding information when she had baby Celia a few months ago. 

If it wasn't for the education and information that came from ABA, I am not sure we would've been as successful at breastfeeding 



Now a mum to three teenagers, Ainslie believes in trusting herself as she knew her babies best back when she had her three children in the 2010s.  

For me, and I think the biggest thing for new mums, is just finding the trust in yourself that you know your baby best. You’ve also got all these ABA resources and support, so keep an open mind.  



A mum of two and a grandmother of three, Katie joined ABA after meeting with them in the 1980s.  

Forty years ago, when I was doing my midwifery training, I came across ABA. Some volunteers came to talk to the students and give us more information about breastfeeding. So, when I had my first baby 35 years ago, it was a no-brainer that I joined ABA before I had Adele.



A mum of one (Kaylee, 5 months old), Caitlyn found ABA from a local group's Facebook page

I realised that ABA was a trusted source of information, and I wanted them to be my single source of truth when I was going through learning how to breastfeed.

The impact of your gift

Your donation means ABA can be here for the many families and future generations who need us. 

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Connecting parents to local and online breastfeeding and parenting support.

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Supporting expectant parents to learn essential skills and access breastfeeding knowledge.

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Enables ABA to research and advocate for a breastfeeding-friendly society..

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Offering essential education to health professionals to enable best practice care of mothers and babies.

Can you help us continue to empower mums and families?


How do I make a donation?

There are many ways you can make a donation. We take donations online, over the phone, and in cheques. Now that you're here, the easiest way is to click the 'Donate now' button and follow the steps. 

Where does my money go?

Your donation will go to supporting the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s mission towards building a breastfeeding inclusive society in the following key areas:   

  • Provide in-person counselling and support services 
  • Continue to support advocacy and research into breastfeeding 
  • Provide breastfeeding education to parents well before they realise how essential it is 
  • Foster community awareness and raise support 
Will I receive a tax receipt?

Yes, you'll receive a tax receipt on any donation over $2. This will allow you to claim your donation come tax time. Most charity donations offer the same benefit. 

You can use the tax receipt for your donation to claim a deduction at tax time through the Australian Tax Office's online portal. If you have a personal income tax agent, they can submit the deduction on your behalf.