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Volunteer stories

These are quotes from group members – mums who help out in their local group. 


Volunteering for ABA has given me a purpose (other than mothering) during my leave from paid work and as I feel so passionately about breastfeeding, it gives me a sense of satisfaction to know I’m doing my part to promote, support and encourage breastfeeding as the most normal and beneficial way to feed your baby. Belinda, Volunteer, Melbourne VIC


I’ve been volunteering with ABA since my little girl was about 3 months old. There was a call out for someone to volunteer to edit our local group’s Bulletin, and as I have had experience in this area in my professional life, it seemed like a good fit!  Belinda, Melbourne VIC

Bec, Melbourne VIC

As I only returned to work part time following my first child, I was happy to help out when a position (Bulletin Editor) was offered to me. It gave me the opportunity to use my brain a bit again and to get to know other mums in the area a little better. I feel good to be using my skills to enhance the group and make it better than ever. 

Erin, Townsville QLD

Volunteering with ABA gave me an opportunity to give back to a group who helped me, also to do something else whilst raising my children that used my brain a bit as I wasn’t working anymore… It has given me the confidence to do more accounting type work and coordinate other activities. 

Laura, breastfeeding counsellor, community educator, Tamworth NSW

When I started volunteering for ABA I found my village. I have lifelong friends and continual skill development. There’s nothing quite like the buzz of supporting another mother along her journey.

I enjoy volunteering with ABA as I have found it interesting and fulfilling. It has given me experience with issuing press releases and liaising with media outlets. It also helped develop my skills in working with others to achieve a common objective. Volunteering with ABA has increased my confidence, particularly when I was on maternity leave. 

Rebekah, Perth WA


I think that volunteering with ABA has shown that I am active and motivated, as well as showing the way in which I give back to the community. I have fine tuned my budgeting skills and learnt how to apply for grants, as well as a lot of informal breastfeeding and mothering knowledge. I would recommend volunteering with ABA to anyone.   Bec, Melbourne VIC


I am happy about volunteering as it is a way to contribute to the community. When I am involved with ABA, I am comfortable and feel supported…  By volunteering, you are contributing to a good cause for mothers and babies. Louise, Sydney NSW


As an ABA volunteer, you are really appreciated for whatever time you can manage to spare, be it only an hour! Belinda, Melbourne VIC 


I got involved with ABA after calling the Helpline a few times with my second child who I was having a few feeding issues with. I was always overwhelmed by the empathy and support I felt when I called. The reassurance the women on the end of the phone gave me filled me with confidence and hope at times when I had none. So once I got on top of things after a few months I decided I wanted to give back and become a counsellor myself.  

Anngie, breastfeeding counsellor, Darwin NT


I became a volunteer when my third child was born because I felt that I had found my tribe and wanted to give back some of the support and wisdom that I had received. Jodie, Katherine NT 


I absolutely love being on Helpline. I have my regular shift, but try to help out where I can by doing extra shifts, especially overnights... I love that ABA is not only about supporting women where they are in their breastfeeding, but also about the science and political world of breastfeeding. Sharon, breastfeeding counsellor, Melbourne VIC

Mairead, trainee, Sydney NSW

As well as offering knowledge and support to mothers who have been in your position you will get the opportunity to meet some amazing like-minded mothers who are just as passionate about breastfeeding as you are. 

Jess, breastfeeding counsellor, Melbourne VIC

Motherhood is the hardest job, you can’t do it alone. I love that after my ABA training I can help others as I was helped. Plus I’ve learnt skills that have been useful in all areas of my life, and become friends with some really great people!  

Kirsten, Community Educator, Adelaide Hills SA

The people I meet through ABA are truly inspirational. It could be feeling energised and reassured by connecting with more experienced volunteers/mothers or seeing a new parent have that ‘aha!’ moment or overcome a challenge.

My ABA village is always there for me, 2 of my best friends are/were volunteers. Training gave me an opportunity to share with other mums who needed support, it gave me so many skills. I have been able to use these skills in so many areas of my life, not just ABA. 

Pam, breastfeeding counsellor, breastfeeding educator, Geelong VIC