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Research assistance and collaboration form

Who should use this form: 

Researchers seeking support from ABA

When this form should be used: 

When requesting access to ABA members, staff or archives for research purposes.

ABA supports high quality research on breastfeeding-related subjects only:

  • lactation
  • breastfeeding
  • breastmilk
  • breastfeeding environments
  • ABA paid and volunteer staff, or members (past or present) or ABA services.

Reciprocal agreements

By accepting research support from ABA you agree to:

  • Acknowledge ABA support when publishing or presenting your results (in some instances our logo may be provided for use) including your ABA Approval number.
  • Display your ABA Approval number in advertisements, participant call outs etc

Submit a paper based on your research to our peer-reviewed journal Breastfeeding Review. Details for submission can be found here –

Or if you would prefer a shorter more relaxed feature article for our monthly Professional Newsletter. Please contact for further details.


  • We only support research where it is in the interests of the Association, our members or staff (past and present) and the community.
  • ABA will endeavour to provide access to potential research participants when required but cannot guarantee participation
  • ABA will not approve research funded by companies or their subsidiaries that manufacture, distribute or sell infant formula or artificial baby milk, including follow-on or toddler formulas
  • Access to ABA members or staff will be negotiated with each individual applicant. This may incur an advertising fee.

How to apply

  1. Read the ABA Research Policy
  2. Complete the webform below.
  3. You will then be invoiced for a non-refundable $120 administration

** Technical note

Some users have had difficulty submitting this form. If you are a member of the ABA, please ensure that you are logged in before continuing.

If you are not a member, or are unable to login, please scroll down and upload your supporting documentation first. If you receive an error while uploading files, please refresh this page and try again, then complete all fields before submitting.

If you are still unable to upload your files, please contact with details of your submission.

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Australian Breastfeeding Association Research
I agree that:
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By submitting my application for consideration I, the Chief Investigator, acknowledge that: