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Breast pump hire

Hire a breast pump

Find a breast pump available for hire near you.

Reasons for needing a pump

There are many reasons why mums sometimes hire breast pumps, including: 

  • baby is born prematurely
  •  baby is born with a cleft palate or with Down syndrome
  • mum or baby is ill and temporarily separated
  • baby has difficulty feeding at the breast 
  •  mum has returned to work/study
  • mum would like to go out without baby 
  • to help increase low supply 
  •  mum wishes to express long-term
  •  mum has sore or cracked nipples
  •  to induce lactation or re-lactate
  • severe engorgement or mastitis 
  •  for comfort when weaning is sudden

Collection kit

The milk collection kit is those parts that come in contact with breastmilk, such as the breast shield (funnel) and collection bottle.

For hygiene reasons, you need your own new personal milk collection kit to use with a hired pump.

The cost of milk collection kits varies from time to time with exchange rates. Ask your breast pump hire officer for current prices.

What happens when I hire a pump from ABA?

Breast pumps are available to hire from some local ABA groups. A trained ABA volunteer hires the breast pumps from her home. The volunteer is available to assist you with any questions you may have about using the pump, expressing and storing your breastmilk and all other aspects of breastfeeding.

Hire includes an informal chat to ensure the pump is the right one for you, a demonstration on assembly and operation and completion of the required paperwork.

Length of hire

Pump hire is available for as long as you need it. You can extend your period of hire and make additional payments as necessary.


All our pumps for hire are regularly tested and tagged, and serviced according to State and Territory regulations.

Resources and information

  • Our book, Breastfeeding .... naturally  (free with ABA membership)
  • Booklets, including: Breastfeeding: expressing and storing breastmilk, Breastfeeding women and work, Breastfeeding your premature baby, Increasing your supply...... and many more
  • ABA website information pages about expressing and storing breastmilk.