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Blog: Introducing Breastfeeding … with ABA

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by Sky Mykyta

An image of a woman sitting and breastfeeding with earphones in her ears and holding her phone. Text says "breastfeeding ... with ABA. A new podcast and blog made by parents, for parents".

Introducing ‘Breastfeeding … with ABA’, a new blog and podcast brought to you by volunteers from the Australian Breastfeeding Association. ‘Breastfeeding … with ABA’ is a podcast about breastfeeding made by parents, for parents. The podcast comes together with this blog that provides more information and links to our evidence-based articles. We’ll be covering milk supply, cracked nipples, sleep, and much more!

When you’re a new mum or dad, you need information that’s easy to access and easy to understand. You need to know it’s from a source you can trust. Most of all you need support and understanding from people who know what you’re going through as your world is turned upside-down.

In these uncertain times, it can be hard to find support. Many of us can’t visit family or friends, and new parents’ groups aren’t running.

We know that you love your baby or babies beyond measure. We know you want what is best for your children. We know that you’re doing the very best you can. We know, because we’ve been there. We are parents, just like you.

ABA was started in 1964 by a group of mums in a suburban loungeroom who wanted to breastfeed their babies and support each other. Fast forward more than 50 years and ABA is still supporting families to breastfeed their babies.

We are here for you and even if a global pandemic means we can’t meet face-to-face, we can be your virtual shoulder to lean on.

On Season 1 of ‘Breastfeeding … with ABA’, you will hear mothers who’ve been through it all talk about the early days after your baby is born — waiting for your milk to come in; dealing with or hopefully avoiding cracked nipples; breastfed babies and poo; managing our milk supply; sleep; crying and fussy babies; and most importantly, finding your village.

We know that every challenge can be faced when you have your village around you. We know because we’ve faced them too.

The pod episodes are short enough to listen to during a breastfeeding session and you can dip back and re-listen any time you need. ABA is Australia-wide so your presenters will come from around Oz.

The blog is a companion to the pod episodes. It is an easy-to-read, conversational style overview of our evidence-based information and includes links to our website.

Sky Mykyta is an ABA-trained breastfeeding community educator from Western Melbourne. She has been volunteering with ABA for over 10 years. She lives with her partner, their two beautiful children and too many pets. Sky is passionate about families getting access to the information and support they need to meet their goals.


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