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Toowoomba Group, QLD

    Our local group offers a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere to all mums and their families to share the frustrations and the joys of parenting, and access accurate information about babies and breastfeeding.

    We support all families. Mums who are mixed-feeding, bottle feeding, exclusively expressing or not breastfeeding are always welcome. We chat in a relaxed setting and there is often access to a breastfeeding counsellor or educator who can assist you with any breastfeeding questions, worries or issues you may be having. 

    What we offer

    Our face to face meetings are on each Friday morning, 9:45-11:30 am.

    • 1st Friday of the month - St Bart's Anglican Church Hall, 103 Stenner St, Rangeville 
    • 2nd Friday of the month - The Danish Flower Art Cafe, Highfields
    • 3rd Friday of the month - St Bart's Anglican Church Hall, 103 Stenner St, Rangeville 
    • Last Friday of the month - Coffee night at the Urban Grounds Cafe - Herries St, opposite Laurel Bank Park, 7:30pm

    For details see calendar tab above, or our Facebook Page (ABA Toowoomba) 

    We also offer breast pump hire - check the breast pump tab above.

    Nationally, our Breastfeeding Education Live sessions run weekly during the evenings and at weekend. We encourage you to book in if you are pregnant and wanting to learn more about breastfeeding before your baby arrives.

    Where we are

    Toowoomba and surrounding areas: south to Warwick, west to Cecil Plains, north to Crows Nest and east to Gatton. But anyone who can get to us is welcome!

    Can I still come to local group events if...

    ...I haven't had my baby yet?

    Yes!  Attending group activities while you're pregnant is a great way to see other women breastfeeding and learn more about it. Many of us nowadays don't have much experience with babies until we have our own, so we need all the help we can get!

    You might also like to check out our popular breastfeeding education classes.

    Learn more

    ...everything is going fine?

    Yes! You don't need to be having problems with breastfeeding or anything else to come along and enjoy some interesting conversation and connect with local mums. It’s not just about getting information and support. Our regular attendees keep coming along because it’s fun to be part of our local group.

    ...I already go to a mothers' group or playgroup?

    Yes! ABA meet ups are more than a new parents' group. There are babies and children of different ages so there’s no competition over whose child reaches the next milestone first/sleeps longest/gains weight fastest.  Instead, you get to see children older than yours and find out what's ahead for you. You can also see how far your baby has come every time a newborn arrives. It really helps to get a broad perspective.

    Our local group activities are also more than just a playgroup or a coffee catch up. You get to have a conversation with another adult while your child plays. You also have access to information about raising children and can chat to a breastfeeding counsellor or educator.

    ...I don't breastfeed?

    Yes, as long as you don't mind seeing others breastfeed. We know that sometimes things don't work out as you’d planned. We have members who are exclusively breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding, mixed feeding, and exclusively formula feeding.

    Everyone is welcome: no judgement, no competitions, no 'alpha parents'. We're all in this together. child is not a baby any more?

    Yes! Mums don't stop needing support once their child is mobile or starts walking!

    ...I'm not an ABA member?

    Yes! Our social activities and meet ups are open to all.

    You’re also welcome to check out our 'Info and Chat' sessions once or twice as a non-member. On-going participation is a benefit of becoming an ABA member.

    Not a member yet? No problem, you can join us today. Signing up is easy.

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    Become an ABA member and get involved with your local group

    Who we are
    Get in touch with Anna your friendly local group contact at:
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    Breast pump hire

    Our group hires electric breast pumps for you to express milk for your baby. ABA members receive a 50% discount on pump hire. Not a member yet? No problem, it's easy to join and access your discount. 

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    Hiring pumps through ABA

    All breast pumps for hire are hospital-grade. They are available for short-term or long-term hire.

    Both the Ardo Carum and Ardo Calypso breast pumps are endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Ardo is in full compliance with the International Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes (WHO Code). 

    When hiring through your local ABA group you get an initial consultation to work out the best options for you and information on how to maximise your expressed milk and how to store it safely. You can contact your breast pump hire officer for more help along the way if you need it. All funds raised through breast pump hire go towards supporting your local group.

    Breast pump hire is run by dedicated volunteer breastfeeding counsellors and educators who provide the service from their homes. As busy mums with work and family commitments, we ask for your understanding if we are unable to respond as promptly as you desire. There are many families wanting to hire pumps so there are often times when all local pumps are already hired out. 

    Breast pump hire contacts

    To check breast pump availability, check the table below or call our breast pump hire officer. If no pumps are available locally check the map for pumps available in nearby groups.

    Location Contact

    Message through the Facebook page


    Ann: 0400 482 240

      Weekly hire rates


      Ann:  0400 482 240



      Ann:  0400 482 240



      You will also need a milk collection kit to connect to the pump you hire. If you do not already have one, you can buy the kit when you hire a pump. Costs vary from time to time – ask your ABA breast pump hire officer for current prices.

      • Hirers usually pay for 4 weeks up-front, with a pro rata refund if returned early.
      • Milk collection kits cost $69 for Medela Kits and $60 for ARDO kits
      • Some ABA booklets may also be available for sale if relevant - $8 each for non-members/$7.20 for members. Or download for only $5:

      There is also an agreement form to sign with terms and conditions for use of breast pump.

      Breast pumps for purchase 

      We now have Ardo Calypso personal electric breast pumps for sale. These can be a good option for women who want to pump regularly up to a few times a day over a longer period to build a freezer stash for a night out, returning to work when their baby is older or just in case.

      The personal electric breast pump options are the Ardo Calypso Single and the Ardo Calypso Double Plus.


      • The single pump comes with one pump set and standard size 26mm breast shells.
      • The double pump comes with two pump sets (for double pumping), standard size 26mm breast shells, larger 31mm breast shells, 28mm breast shell inserts, the soft silicone ‘Optiflow’ inserts and a cleaning brush.

      Ardo is in full compliance with the International Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes (WHO Code) and is endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

      Ardo Calypso Single or double pumps are available for sale through our group - with a member discount. Call us to find out more.

      COVID-19 health measures for pump hiring

      Our guidelines for interactions with families and the cleaning of our pumps include:

        • the ABA Breast Pump Hiring Officer being well and not having been in contact with anyone who is sick
        • options for completing paperwork and payment online
        • collecting/returning the breast pump from/to the ABA Breast Pump Hiring Officer’s doorstep
        • stringent cleaning of returned pumps (Please note that it is standard practice that all mothers hiring our pumps are required to purchase their own milk collection kit which is available to buy at the time of hiring.)
        • getting breastfeeding and pumping support via telephone on the Breastfeeding Helpline 1800 686 268
        • accessing information on expressing from our website.

        Read more about expressing

        Browse the information booklets in our Marketplace, including:

        No classes are available currently. Please check nearby local group events and classes. Nearby calendar