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Wynnum Group, QLD

    Our local group offers a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere to all mums and their families to share the frustrations and the joys of parenting, and access accurate information about babies and breastfeeding.

    We support all families. Mums who are mixed-feeding, bottle feeding, exclusively expressing or not breastfeeding are always welcome. We chat in a relaxed setting and there is often access to a breastfeeding counsellor or educator who can assist you with any breastfeeding questions, worries or issues you may be having. 

    What we offer

    On the first and third Thursdays of the month we meet at the Good Shepherd Lutheran hall, 152 Belmont Road Tingalpa. Parking is available both at the front and rear of the building. The entrance to the hall is at the rear of the building. We start at 9:15am for a 9.30am start with an Info and Chat session about breastfeeding and/or general parenting and then we break for morning tea. 

    If you are pregnant, we encourage you to come and meet the group before your baby arrives. This is so much easier to do before the birth, rather than afterwards when you are trying to find your feet as a mum and everything is new!

    Dads, partners, friends and grandparents are also welcome along with babies and children of all ages. So if you’ve never been to our group before (or it’s been a while since your last visit), why not come along and say hello? We’d love to see you!

    Where we are

    Lytton, Port of Brisbane, Hemmant, Murrarie, Wakerley, Gumdale, Lota, Manly, Manly West, Wynnum, Wynnum West, Wynnum North, Belmont, Tingalpa, Cannon Hill

    Can I still come to local group events if...

    ...I haven't had my baby yet?

    Yes!  Attending group activities while you're pregnant is a great way to see other women breastfeeding and learn more about it. Many of us nowadays don't have much experience with babies until we have our own, so we need all the help we can get!

    You might also like to check out our popular breastfeeding education classes.

    Learn more

    ...everything is going fine? 

    Yes! You don't need to be having problems with breastfeeding or anything else to come along and enjoy some interesting conversation and connect with local mums. Information and support is only part of why we come - our regular attendees keep coming along because its fun to be part of our local group.

    ...I already go to a mothers' group or playgroup?

    Yes! ABA meet ups are more than a new parents' group. There are babies and children of different ages so there’s no competition over whose child reaches the next milestone first/sleeps longest/gains weight fastest.  Instead, you get to see children older than yours and find out what's ahead for you. You can also see how far your baby has come every time a newborn arrives. It really helps to get a broad perspective.

    Our local group activities are also more than just a playgroup or a coffee catch up. You get to have a conversation with another adult while your child plays. You also have access to information about raising children and can chat to a breastfeeding counsellor or educator.

    ...I don't breastfeed? 

    Yes, as long as you don't mind seeing others breastfeed. We know that sometimes things don't work out as you’d planned. We have members who are exclusively breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding, mixed feeding, and exclusively formula feeding.

    Everyone is welcome: no judgement, no competitions, no 'alpha parents'. We're all in this together. child is not a baby any more? 

    Yes! Mums don't stop needing support once their child is mobile or starts walking!

    ...I'm not an ABA member?

    Yes! Our social activities and meet ups are open to all.

    You’re also welcome to check out our 'Info and Chat' sessions once or twice as a non-member. On-going participation is a benefit of becoming an ABA member.

    Not a member yet? No problem, you can join us today. Signing up is easy.

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    Who we are
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    Breast pump hire

    We have several pumps available to hire.

    To arrange this please, call Queensland Branch Office to organise payment and then you will be able to pick up from the Wynnum area. 

    The profits from hiring these breast pumps are used entirely to fund activities in the local community and train volunteers to become breastfeeding counsellors or community educators.  By hiring a pump through a local group you receive information from a trained volunteer whilst also supporting a community group to help support other mothers to breastfeed.

    Breast pump hire contacts

    Location Contact

    Queensland Branch Office

    (2/426 Logan Road, Stones Corner)

    07 3254 2233

    9am-2pm, Mon - Thurs


      You will also need a milk collection kit to connect to the pump you hire. If you do not already have one, you can buy the kit when you hire a pump. Costs vary from time to time – ask when you call for current prices.

      A double collection kit costs $70 and is available at the time of hiring (the mum keeps this afterwards).

      SNS kits (supplementary nursing system) are also available for $93.95 if required. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cash. 



      Read more about expressing

      Browse the information booklets in our Marketplace, including:

      There are no in-person breastfeeding classes being held in this area currently. Please check the main calendar for classes in nearby groups or for the dates of our up and coming weekly online Breastfeeding Preparation Sessions.